Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rainbow Lunch Week: Red

After our mostly-green St. Patrick's Day Lunch, Elliott decided he wanted a red lunch.  Well, I had to really dig to come up with some red items since I didn't plan it ahead and of all the red fruit possibilities, we had every other color but red in the refrigerator.

I had elbow macaroni that needed to be used, so I just added some sauce.  Elliott loves tomatoes, so we also had sliced tomatoes to use them up.  Red peppers cut into flowers, with a Par-T-Fork to make the peppers more appealing--it worked for Elliott (who didn't like "those kind of tomatoes" after he saw them inside his second fajita the other night), but not so much for Emory.

I also had frozen cranberries, so I made this Cranberry Banana Bread recipe from Ocean Spray.  It calls for nuts, but even after not having them for our Dinosaur Tracks Cookie, I still forgot to buy more this weekend. Each boy got half a slice and they nibbled on it a little.  Neither boy cared for the pasta and sauce, since it wasn't "real" spaghetti.  Hopefully our Orange/Yellow lunch goes over better tomorrow.

Elliott and I have decided that we are going to work through the rainbow, so I'll combine a few colors so we can get through the week and have a Rainbow lunch Friday, since we'll be out of the house for a birthday party Saturday.

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