Monday, March 5, 2012

Snow Day!

This weather is unbelievable.  The unusually warm weather this winter has actually been fantastic, in my opinion.  The warmer temperatures mean we get to go outside more frequently, and for longer periods of time.  The downside (for the boys) is that we haven't really had much snow.  The First Snow of 2012 was actually the first and only snow of this entire winter that amounted to anything more than a dusting.  This one too, was only a few inches, but it was more than enough to make my boys happy!

Serving "ice cream" and "milkshakes" at the restaurant window.

Emory's taking a snowball in the neck right here.

It's so fun to dig!

Bailey took a few snowballs too!

She thought they were throwing snowballs for "fetch" and she tried her best to bring them back!

Playing chase in the snow is fun too!

What mom??

Ok...a little smile.

We finally went in when Bailey started swiping the mittens that Emory refused to wear properly.

I remember the winter I was pregnant with Emory.  It snowed from Thanksgiving right on into spring.  I put my car in the ditch on a back road (which I believe was God's way of stopping me from hitting the car that was sitting sideways at the bottom of the hill), and slid across the road on a patch of black ice a week later.  Power was out for large blocks of time.  Temperatures were in the single digits many mornings.  We went for days/weeks at a time where it didn't seem to get much above freezing, if at all.  I'm originally from Georgia.  I was horrified.  I cried a lot that winter.

This year's weather has been completely different from that nightmare winter, though.  It's warmed up to about 36 today, and even though it's snowing hard, we're not supposed to get anymore accumulation.  It's supposed to be in the high 50's tomorrow.  The boys were so thankful the directors of co-op declared today a snow day!  And I didn't even mind this year, because it was all about the kids!

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  1. Fun pictures. Looks like a fun outing.

    Veronica @

  2. Our dogs keep trying to fetch the snowballs too! It keeps them busy for ages so that they aren't playing "bowling with preschoolers"!

    1. Bowling with preschoolers! I'd never thought of it that way, but that's exactly what she does with my little one!