Tuesday, March 13, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Activities

Here are a few activities I have "planned" for the week leading up to St. Patrick's Day.  We do not always do everything that I tentatively plan, but I like to have a few ideas ready, because I'm slightly scatterbrained and unorganized.  When we do sit down for "school" I usually initiate the first activity, then he is allowed to choose from the others I have set up, or suggest something of his own.  Some days (especially during nice weather) we don't do anything too structured, and that is fine by me too.

Although I highly recommend utilizing the library, it's not always practical for us.  We'll start with the two we own...if we make it to the library we might add more if there are any left.

We will also be reading books related to colors (like Little Red Riding Hood for red) as we work through our rainbow lunches too.

Roll and Cover the Gold Coins
This is from the Free St. Patrick's Day Mini-Unit at Get 'Er Done, Momma!  I printed off two copies, so Elliott and I could play together.  The "pot of gold" is empty in this picture, because I didn't want to dig out 50 pennies...I got a roll of pennies at the bank for us to use.

I have a lot of different versions of this game in my head to make it more challenging for Elliott.  Using two dice, we can either add or subtract, and play that number of coins.  We can start with the board empty, or full.  For a twist, I might suggest that if we roll doubles, in addition to playing your own coins, we can add a coin to the other player's board (or subtract, depending on which version we play) to slow them down.

Leprechaun Connect the Dots
I really only printed this because I think he will like drawing the face once he connects the dots.  It is from Kid's Soup - St. Patrick's Day.

Fruit Loop Rainbow
This is also from Kid's Soup - St. Patrick's Day.  The boys don't get generally get sugary cereals (they actually don't even ask, and prefer plain Cheerios, if any cereal at all) but my husband bought a box of Fruit Loops recently.  They'll enjoy this activity, and they might even like snacking too!

I have a couple of books of mazes, so I pulled out a pot of gold and rainbow and put them in page protectors.  Mazes are great for fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, and Elliott likes them.

Rainbow Color Mixing
My kids love painting and they love color mixing, so instead of giving them a full range of colors, I'll just present primary colors.  Emory probably won't be interested in painting a rainbow, but Elliott should enjoy it.  I also need to get yellow paint, as all I have is a small bottle of yellow acrylic paint.

St. Patrick's Day Sensory Tub
This is our St. Patrick's Day Sensory Tub, with lots to explore.

Odd Todd and Even Steven
I originally found this game on Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood's Living Math post (which is full of ideas!) but it is from First Grade A La Carte.  Basically, you choose to be either Odd Todd or Even Steven.  If odd is rolled, Todd gets to move, if an even number is rolled, Steven gets to go.  We haven't used the bingo markers in awhile, so I paired them with this, but if we play it again, I'll laminate so we can use game pieces or bingo chips.

**For more information and ideas on Living Math, please see livingmath.net

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  1. You have some fun plans lined up. We did the same thing with the Froot Loops yesterday, except I just drew an arch on a piece of paper and had him fill it in with the different colors.

  2. What great activities! I love your books choices. St. Patrick's Day in the Morning is a favorite.

  3. we are enjoying St Patrick's day activities too this week if you fancy popping across for a look. Funny what you say about your yellow paint. I did the same thing and had to use acrylic yellow yesterday, as the pre mixed stuff was gone. must be the leprechauns pinching all the gold/ yellow things around us!

  4. Thanks for the reminders... I have to dig out those two St. Pat's books. I love them! Looks like it'll be a great week.

  5. Lovely activities for St.Patrick's day. Thanks for sharing.

    St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

  6. Cute activities and love the books!

  7. I'll have to check out the St. Patty's Day mini unit for the pot o' gold game! Thanks for sharing all your ideas-- looks like a lot of fun!

    I printed the Even Steven/ Odd Todd game a long time back and we enjoy playing it! Not sure where I found it though....

  8. I'm your newest follower, too! : )

  9. Looks like a lot of fun! Thank you for linking up this week to my Enchanted Thursdays Blog Hop!

  10. Great activities...just pinned a few ideas!

    Criss-Cross Applesauce

  11. That's cool! You put together so many different St. Patrick's ideas.

  12. These are such fun ideas I think I'll use some even now that St. Patrick's Day is over! Thanks for linking up at Teach Me Tuesday!!

  13. I love the odd Todd, even Steven book and this game idea. Is there anywhere that I could find a copy of this game? Thanks so much in advance.

    1. Hi Audrey, I didn't create the game, so I don't want to link directly to it, however, if you go to:


      About halfway down there is a section titled Other ideas for Making Math Fun, and she links to the game in the middle of that section.

  14. Fantastic activities!!! And guess what? this was one of the top clicked links at Thrifty Thursday last week! Woo hoo!!

  15. I didn't even realize I had done that! Even Steven Odd Todd is from First Grade A La Carte at http://firstgradealacarte.blogspot.com/2011/03/even-steven-odd-todd.html

    Now off to fix my link!

    Brandy from Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood