Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: Impromptu Frog Study

Elliott is 5 years old
Emory is 2.5 years old

Maybe I should say we're on an extended Spring Break.  We've had such wonderful weather that I just can't stand being inside.  This week was all play.

Well, I guess Monday was a school day, since Elliott had co-op.  Emory just had a temper-tantrum.  It was one of those all-out, screaming, crying, kicking "I don't want you momma" tantrums where you carry them out and people come around the corner to see if someone was horribly injured.

Emory actually had two of those tantrums that day.  And this is what happens when a toddler has a tantrum too close to bedtime...that would be Emory, who didn't make it to bedtime, and crawled under his bed to fall asleep.

Eagle Cam
Elliott and I did spend some time watching the Live Eagle Cam.  He was fascinated as we watched the eaglets eat.

Outdoor Play
Early in the week we still had a huge mud puddle (and several small ones) on the edge of the yard, and it made for some great fun.  Emory had pants on when we started, but I figured he might as well remove them so he could play freely.

The boys splashed freely in the water until we spotted something a little unexpected.  Frogs!  Well that certainly calmed the boys down, because watching frogs was oh-so-interesting!  The boys loved watching them swim and dive into the mud.

We found four frogs at the time, and as you can imagine, watching the frogs call was just as fun as listening to the chorus our frogs created.  I kept hearing 'LOOK AT HIS THROAT!"  What a great science lesson playing outside in the yard!

The frogs even inspired our lunch the next day.  Check out some of the other fun food lunches (The Story About Ping and The Very Hungry Caterpillar) and a Potato Head breakfast from this week.

Another day we were looking for colorful signs of spring, but there is just something irresistible about a dandelion.

It might not be a rose, but any flower from this little boy is treasured!

Emory is a wanderer on our walks, and I often find him exploring on his own....he was following the dogs through a field, swinging his giant stick (which also doubled as a dinosaur foot) and giggling at the high grass.

Indoor Play
Indoor play included a lot of dress-up and the army soldiers came out several times this week.

The boys played a little iPad, and I had the frustration of my husband putting a password on it, the boys locking it to the point of erasing everything, and spending the morning updating and restoring it.

I have planned several Easter and Spring Activities for the upcoming weeks, but the Easter Sensory Tub is the only one they've played with so far.

Like I said last week, even when we don't do anything formal inside, we still do multiple bedtime readings.  Our book basket makes topical books easily accessible, and currently it is filled with Easter and Spring related topics.  I try to have a mix of fiction and non-fiction, so we're still covering Literature, Science and Social Studies/History even when we aren't doing any formal learning activities.

You can take A Peek at Our Bookshelf to check out some of the books about frogs, ducks, rabbits and insects we've been enjoying this week.

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  1. So many cute pictures this week! The picture of Elliott with a dandelion in his mouth is so adorable!

  2. Oh no, I'm sorry you had to restore your ipad.

    I would agree that finding frogs is always a great way to distract kids.

    Thanks for linking to science sunday!