Friday, March 16, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: What We Didn't Do In School

This was another one of those weeks where I had good intentions for "school activities" but pretty weather ruled!

{Plus, this is finals week for me, and add to that, I was a little stressed when a power outage caused our router to die, since my courses are all online.  I'm using my phone as a personal hotspot but I haven't and probably won't be on as much as usual until we get a new I apologize in advance if I am not commenting or responding to comments}

Elliott is 5 years old.
Emory is 2.5 years old.

Outdoor School
I was on my phone while the boys were romping in the giant puddle of muddy water with the dog, but I did look down and get a little giddy because flip flops mean great weather, but bare feet mean little boys are having Oh So Much Fun!

Outdoor Play obviously encourages exercise and independence.  See ya mom!

You may remember from last week's Wrap-Up:  Outdoor School that goats were starting to give birth on the in-law's farm.  We live adjacent to the farm, so we often take walks over there for informal nature study. While the boys have mostly lost their natural interest in the goats (the primary field is surrounded by an electric fence, and I think that dulls their curiosity since they aren't allowed to get close), they have thoroughly enjoyed getting close to the kids.

Elliott and I had a very interesting conversation about how goats (and cows) nurse their young.  However, this is better science than any textbook!

We also talked about how baby goats are called kids, and why the goats have different colors and markings.

There have been 1 single and 2 triplet births so far, so I asked him to add those for me, and we also added by color (4 white, 2 brown, 1 black).  Since another goat is due, I asked him many kids there would be if she had 1 baby, 2 babies, 3 babies.  He loves working verbal word problems, so this was an easy way to sneak in some simple math.

Another great thing about Outdoor School is that I am watching the boys observation skills increase.  They notice things I might not pay attention to, because it's at their level, or of particular interest to them.  I would never have actually paid attention the crack in this old post, but my 2 year old did...

...and so it became of interest to Elliott too.  They were peeking to see if they could find any bugs or other creatures hiding inside.

There's also a lot to explore on the ground.

I only took pictures with my phone that one day (I don't seem to take my camera much as it doesn't fit in my pocket :-) but as you can see, a "typical" day outdoors leads to so many fun, interesting and educational opportunities.  At their age, there is NO reason AT ALL to be inside doing lessons when you could be outside learning naturally instead, weather permitting of course.

St. Patrick's Day
We did have one rainy day this week, so we did a few activities from the St. Patrick's Day Activities that I shared.

The boys enjoyed Emory's St. Patrick's Day Sensory Tub.

Emory liked carrying buckets of rice.  (Scooby Snacks, and he did add Scooby and Shaggy later.)

Elliott of course liked the gold coins!

Once Elliott lost interest in little brother's activity, he and I played this Roll and Cover game from a Free St Patrick's Day Mini Pack, courtesy of Jenny at Get 'Er Done, Momma!  We started with the board empty, rolled two dice, and added to determine how many "gold coins" (pennies) to add to our boards.  Elliott's board is on the left--he won!

Elliott also took the Leprechaun Dot-to-Dot out on his own one day and completed it.  Not sure why his beard is so...I don't know, he's creepy looking!  haha!

I took the fruit loop rainbow activity to church for my 2-3 year old class, but most of them were more interested in eating the fruit loops.  Emory did amuse me and add a few to his paper.

No smiles for the camera.  He is Mr. Grumpy!  For some reason, he likes acting like a Grump for fun.  Notice the wrinkles?  Since it was pretty, we took the class for a walk outside and of course mine decides to roll around on the ground.

Tech Time
Elliott played a couple of educational apps one day.

Lego Building
Elliott has started to show an interest in Legos.  Here he was starting something for Emory.

I happened upon this one afternoon...I think it was a slide of some sort.  Now to find a way to organize these teeny tiny torturous toys!

One thing we rarely skip is our reading, since most of our reading is done at bedtime.  You can take A Peek at Our Bookshelf to see the St. Patrick's Day and "Rainbow" books we read this week.  We had several good selections of classics and possible new favorites!

Food Fun
We've also been enjoying themed lunches again this week.  Well, okay, they have enjoyed some of the themed lunches.  Elliott wanted rainbow lunches, so each day focused on a different color or colors.  
You can check them out individually to see how my boys enjoyed, or disliked, their favorite colors on a plate!  Red, Orange/Yellow, Green, Blue/Indigo/Violet and a Rainbow finale is coming soon.

I have also been blogging through the alphabet, and this week was D is for Dad.  My husband is not only a wonderful husband, but he is also a devoted father and supportive as we begin our homeschooling journey.

Tot School

Science Sunday


  1. There is so much to learn outdoors! Thanks for sharing with us at the Outdoor Play Party.

  2. I love it all, Brittney! Looks like a great week!

  3. Wow, what great learning! Thanks so much for joining the outdoor play party! Be sure to link back to the party so we can help promote your post. Hope you will join us again.

  4. Awesome week!!!

    Popping in from the WWU

  5. Love your pictures. Looks like a wonderful week.

  6. I love the idea of rainbow lunches and focusing on one color! Kim's (my blogging buddy) been blogging about healthy eating and covering the rainbow ( but I haven't thought of making color themed lunches. Off to plan some for the week!

  7. That is a pretty awesome week, and I agree animals make some of the best hands on ways to learn science.

    Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!