Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

We were supposed to really dive into our Dinosaur Theme this week, but we veered off track, which is not at all unusual for me.  I didn't really take any pictures in action though, so I'll be combining our Tot School and Pre-K posts again this week.

Emory is 30.5 months
Elliott is 5 yrs

The reason we veered off was to indulge the boys and let them have a casual Dr. Seuss Theme.

We also had a few Seuss Inspired Meals this week.

Even though we weren't officially doing our dinosaur theme this week, several things were already out and accessible, so we still had a lot of dinosaur play this week.

I got this magnet set out with the intention of going over a few of the letters in Emory's name with him, but it turned into Elliott making pictures.

I set these blocks out one night to be donated since they get the least play of all of our building toys.  However, they didn't make it to the car, so of course the boys dug right in first thing in the morning!

This was Emory's Blue and Green Tower.

Elliott made a giraffe.  He also dressed himself for bed the night before, if you can't tell.  Haha!

Emory spent some time drawing in his special notebook.

Emory tried this hand puzzle but it was too difficult for him.

Elliott whizzed right through it and enjoyed it.

Emory wanted a dry erase marker during his brother's math lesson.

This was a very detailed picture.  He used every color dry-erase marker that was within reach.

Elliott and I played "Elementary Roll & Trace" from the Dice & Domino Math Games by Confessions of a Homeschooler.  I really like this pack, because it covers a variety of math levels and it's more than just busy work. We chose the Elementary Roll & Trace over the Preschool level because it involved adding.

The object is to roll two dice, add them, and trace the number on your board in order to fill the board.

He loved adding and determining if he had a number he could "mark off" his board.

There were many times he had to roll again because the sum of his dice was already completed.  Considering the extra rolls, he actually focused for a long time, so even though he didn't finish the board, he did really well.  Next time I won't use a page protector; I'll just let him write straight on the paper, because he kept smudging his writing.

We also did many readings this week, as usual.  You can take A Peek at Our Bookshelf to see some of their favorites this week.

Except for one day of high winds and storms, we've actually had nice weather, so we've spent a lot of time outside this week.  I haven't been taking the camera, though, because it's in the way when I'm pushing the kids on the swing, looking for bugs or playing fetch with the dog.  I like having pictures, but sometimes it's easier to just make the memories without trying to record them too.

Next week we will probably go back to our dinosaur theme.  Then Elliott has decided he wants his next "extra" to be about the human body, and he is really looking forward to that!

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  1. Brittney! I need to know where you picked up that awesome hand puzzle for your boys. Please, please, please?

    1. Hi graciegirl! I didn't buy it; it came in a package of goodies for my boys, but I think it was maybe from a dollar store. The package had a $1 on it and I know I've picked up several neat foam puzzles there before. Although I guess it could have been from the dollar section of a different store. I'm sorry, I wish I knew for sure!

  2. The pajama matching just makes me smile because that is SO one of my boys. One MUST match and will only wear sets, but Zachary could care less what he is wearing as long as he is comfy. :) Have to love those little minds!

    The Suess snacks are great!

    1. That's funny! He would actually be more comfortable in less clothes, but I make him wear pants to bed because he's a wild sleeper and doesn't stay covered. :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Nothing like setting out a toy to be donated to give it a new life, eh? Another great week of fun for your boys! You're awesome Brittney!

  4. Love the dinosaur small world play. So many cool things there!

    I need to go check out her dice and math games. I love her site. There's just so much stuff!