Wednesday, April 11, 2012

By Faith, Not By Sight (book review)

Although I'm not a close follower of American Idol, I watch bits and pieces occasionally, and I actually remembered Scott MacIntyre.  He was the piano player who happened to be blind.  In his book By Faith, Not By Sight Scott tells his story.  Although the book discusses his journey on American Idol, the book is about his journey through life.

Being diagnosed as a toddler with congenital blindness didn't stop him from living his life.  His parents were loving and supportive, and didn't want his blindness to hold him back.  He learned how to swim, ride a bicycle, ski, and to play the piano.  It was obvious at a very young age that even though he couldn't read music, he had excellent memory and perfect pitch, and was quickly hailed as a prodigy.

Because he was visually impaired, his mother decided to homeschool, and he excelled at academics too, starting college at 14 years old.  His graduation from college at 19 was a cause for celebration, for many reasons.  He was a Marshall and Fulbright Scholar, and was headed to England to study music at a prestigious university.  Until his world came crashing down.  That was the day he learned that he had kidney failure.

How much more could a person take?  He was a healthy young man with his whole future wide open, and now this?  This book offered so much of Scott's heart and soul.  He talked openly about his struggles, fears, hopes, dreams, and his faith.

The book wasn't about playing the piano, being on American Idol, or being blind.  It was about a person going through life's greatest trials, lead by the hand of God.

This book really inspired me.  Scott had every obstacle possible put in his path, and yet he never faltered in his faith or gave up his dreams.  Not only did his parents keep their heads held high in praise and prayer, but they were relentless in doing everything they could to give their children every opportunity possible.  Then to watch their youngest child, also born blind, go through the same illness as their firstborn, and never lose faith?  Incredible!

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  1. I remember him from American Idol. I think I watched that whole season. I didn't know he was homeschooled. Very cool. I respect his mom for her choice. (Not because I am also choosing to homeschool, but because she was able to give him a phenomenal education without his handicap being a hindrance.