Thursday, April 19, 2012

Parrot Mountain

As I mentioned in Pigeon Forge - The Aquarium, we decided to return home a day early and forego some of the activities we had planned.  However, the kids were upset we were leaving, especially Elliott, who realized we were leaving a day early.

Our hotel had a parrot in the lobby as advertisement and the boys were intrigued.  I had already browsed the website for Parrot Mountain and Gardens and we knew they offered a homeschool discount, which made it reasonably priced, so we made the last minute decision on our way home to surprise the boys.  We were actually checking hours and directions on my phone as we drove.  When we found it, we told the boys we had a surprise, and they were very excited to see parrots lining the property!

Once inside, we were greeted by more feathered beauties!  The gardens were quiet and serene, and the facilities were basically empty when we showed up right after opening, so walking the paths with the birds was quiet and peaceful.

Because this is a rehabilitation center, many of the birds are in cages, but there are signs and descriptions, which was good since employees were not out and about on the trails.  I didn't see many toys, and that was a little concerning, because these are intelligent creatures and you wonder about the interaction and engagement they get.  Those would be my only complaints.

There was one enclosed area that the boys took special interest in.  Elliott spotted these eggs!

They also loved seeing the peacock display his feathers!

This bird slowly followed us around the tree as we walked through this path.

In  the parrot garden, you can buy food for $0.25 and even though Elliott was a little hesitant, he enjoyed letting the birds eat out of his hands.

When the birds are hungry, they will dip their heads down, and that's a signal you can raise your hand up to them.

After a couple of birds, Elliott moved on to looking at the larger ones, and dad finished feeding off the food we had purchased.

This is a shot of the parrot garden where all of the employees were centered.  We could feed, hold and take pictures with the birds.

The boys said they wanted to hold the birds, but then when the employers brought them over, they hid, so husband and I ended up taking the photo-op.  (I was going to include it, but I am technically challenged, and upon my first try at the scanner, I can't figure it out!)  Emory did end up petting a couple of baby birds in the nursery, though we were not allowed to take any pictures inside.

They were more than happy to sit and watch the birds hop around and listen to their music.

This natural shot turned out to be a better photo than me asking them to turn and pose!  :-)

We really enjoyed this side trip.  It was fun, educational and an experience we can't find at home.  With the homeschool discount, I didn't mind that we were only there about an hour, although we certainly could have stayed longer.  This is something I would do again in the future.


  1. what a neat trip! Thanks for sharing at FTF!!

  2. My oldest daughter would LOVE this place. She's been in a bird phase lately and has been begging for a pet parrot.

  3. Great photos of the birds so colorful. Glad you were able to surprise the boys. My kids would have loved to feed the birds:) thanks for linking up to the HOme school Field trip hop

  4. I love seeing parrots. Recently while camping, we saw a man walking his parrot. Turned out he runs a rehabilition
    center. We learned a lot from him and all the kids got to handle the parrot. We would love to visit Parrot Mountain. Sounds like a great place to visit.