Friday, April 6, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Week We Did "Nothing"

We did nothing even remotely schoolish this week, except co-op.  Nothing planned, anyway.  I had already decided to hold off on any learning games and activities until Elliott not only got his glasses, but adjusted to them too.  Well they came in Thursday, and I think it will be another week or two of harassing him before he keeps them on for any length of time.

He looks like such a big boy with his glasses, even though he's quite grumpy looking in this picture.

Most of our week was spent on outdoor play.  While outdoor play does not sound like school, for a 2 and 5 year old, there are many learning opportunities.

Riding toys are always fun and teach balance, coordination and other motor skills.

See ya mom!  We're on the batmobile!  Battery operated toys give a few lessons in speed!  ;-)

Studying termites...

...and the old tree trunk where the termites were found was another great impromptu nature study opportunity.

Jumping, skipping, hopping, and flipping on the trampoline is physical education at its finest!

As is running through fields.

And climbing hills.  I thought it was sweet how Bailey waited for him.

Food Fun
I did make the boys a "fun" Easter lunch.  A grilled cheese bunny sandwich on a bed of grass (lettuce).  The flowers were bananas and the stems were celery.  There are carrots in ranch, and a rabbit cookie for dessert.   This one actually went over well!

Movie Night
I let the kids watch this "Easter" movie on Netflix.  It is not nearly as good as earlier Veggie Tales, but the kids enjoyed it.

A Peek at Our Bookshelf
I didn't make a separate post of our readings this week, but I will share a few here.  Without fail, Big Red Barn and Goodnight Moon have made it back into rotation, at the toddler's request.  These are a few more that we enjoyed.

The Fuzzy Duckling This Little Golden Book is a counting book within a story, so I find it much more appealing than a traditional counting book.  A sweet math reader for even the youngest crowd!

A Dozen Ducklings Lost and Found by Harriet Ziefert is about a mother duck that loses several of her ducklings and must have the farmer help her locate them.  It's a counting book, but also has some basic addition/subtraction in it, because the ducklings do not get lost one-by-one, but in a group.  I'm glad I picked this book up, because it makes a good addition to our math readers.

The Story of Easter for Children This is self-explanatory, but it does mention some of the symbols of Easter such as the Lily and rabbit, and it talks about why many people buy new Easter outfits.

Story of Easter / La Historia de la Pascua  I did not realize it at first, but this book is basically an updated version of the previous.  The text is a little different, but most of the illustrations are the same, though the colors are more vivid in this new edition.  I also like that this is a bilingual book, because Spanish will be our foreign language, once we start.

Baby Birds: And How They Grow is a good nature study supplement.  It shows different types of eggs and nests, talks about feeding and flightless birds, and has numerous photographs of baby birds.  However, there is no table of contents or index, and it is certainly not comprehensive, so it would not make a good reference book.  Either way, Emory asked for it, and the boys enjoy reading a page or two a night with our other readings.

We are still slowly working our way through The Adventures of Spider: West African Folktales.  It doesn't hold little Emory's interest very long, but Elliott enjoys spider's mishaps.

I guess it seemed like a quiet week as it was happening, but when I look back, there was still a lot of learning going on.

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  1. Cute lunch!! I totally think there is tons to be learned by being outside and running around! Stopping by from Preschool corner.

  2. I agree that even without a lot of "book learning," lots of learning goes on, especially with young children. All of your book picks are new to me! Your son looks so cute in his glasses. Thanks so much for linking up to RAT!

  3. Ditto the above comments. I think the great big outdoors is a great place to learn. I also don't think everything has to be about "learning."

    Sometimes I question whether it is really necessary for a 2 or 3 year old to know their alphabet. I do worry though with the way they are pushing for children to know more and more by the time they enter kindergarten these days. I certainly don't want Liam to be behind the curve once he gets to that age.

    1. I agree that schools are pushing them more and more at earlier ages, yet you can probably tell I don't agree with this. I read an article once that referenced a study (I wish I had bookmarked it!) in which children in middle school who started reading "early" did not do any better on reading comprehension than their peers who learned to read at 6/7 years old, or thereabouts...which just confirms my personal belief that there is no real reason to do lessons with toddlers. I kind of have that "just because they CAN doesn't mean they SHOULD" mentality, I guess. But that's just me.

      Elliott has never been to preschool and as you can tell I don't do formal lessons with him, but now, at Pre-K age (if he went to public school) he is beginning to read and write simple things on his own. Just the other day I found a drawing with 'Power Rangers Samurai' written on it. He has picked everything up naturally through books and games. (Well, and a little TV LOL!)

      Same with math/numbers. I looked at a K curriculum several weeks ago, and he can do almost everything in it already.

      That's not to say I think you should hold a child back if they are ready and willing, and are mature enough. Some children thrive on lessons. Mine did not at that age. He is an active boy that likes to be moving and doing, so games and activities work better than worksheets for him.

    2. haha I did NOT realize that was going to be a full-length post. Sorry! ;-)

  4. Looks like a fun week - we are in the midst of a "nothing" week right now... although my 2 year old just won't have it and plays by using our old printables. Whatever makes her happy!