Friday, June 22, 2012

Georgia Vacation Part 1: LegoLand!

I can't remember which blog I was reading when I first discovered the there was a Legoland Discovery Center in Atlanta, but I knew we had to include that in our trip to GA!  The boys are starting to enjoy Legos, so it was a big surprise for them!

I didn't have my camera out very much because the boys were often in two different directions, but here's a few pictures.

We started out in pretty tight quarters as they showed us in the Factory how Lego bricks are made.  Then we moved on to Kingdom Quest ride to save the Princess.  Both boys enjoyed this!!

Miniland was a fantastic look at local attractions built on a miniature scale, but we had a little incident where the 2 year old realized he had lost his souvenir gift, so by the time I settled him down (his brother was willing to share his) the big boys were ready to move on.

They also really enjoyed the Earthquake tables, where they could build towers or whatever they wanted, and then turn on the building plates to see if their structure was stable enough to stand.

There was many of these little Lego pits around the center.

You could also build and race your own cars.  We did this after watching the 4D movie, which was definitely a BIG hit with the boys!

There was so much to do, that it was well worth the trip!

We had a lot of fun the whole week visiting with family and doing other "touristy" things, but I'll share those later!

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