Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Georgia Vacation part 2: Tybee Island

Our visit to Georgia was wonderful!  We try to go at least once a year to visit my family and it's always a blessing!  However, I lost all of my pictures when my cell phone died.  It's so much easier to carry a cell phone than a camera, but it somehow got water inside it and it was impossible to repair it!  :(

However, I did have my regular camera with me on a few occasions, so I managed to snap a few pictures.  I've already posted about how we took the kids to Legoland Discovery Center.  We decided to skip the children's free admission day, though we've gone in the past and LOVE it, it would have just been too much to do that week.  Instead we just let the boys enjoy visiting aunts, uncles, grandmas and cousins.  My mom introduced me and the husband to a fantastic BBQ restaurant and I'm sure my husband will want to go back every year now.

The end of our trip was a little different this year though.  Normally we stay in the metro-Atlanta area for the entire week.  This year however, we spent a few days in Savannah.  My husband wanted to visit Paula Deen's Lady and Sons.  No pictures!  The food was good, but overpriced, of course.  My husband can mark it off his bucket list at least.  We walked through town, and the the kid's enjoyed the splash pad.

Then one day we drove over to Tybee Island for several hours.  We didn't tell the boys about it until it was time to go, since this was a weather-contingent activity, so they were surprised and delighted!  My phone was a lost cause by the end of the trip, and I didn't have my camera out much, but I did snap a few pictures.

Finding shells and other "treasures" to decorate their sand sculptures.

Emory hated the ocean when he was 1, loved it at 2, and this year (almost 3) he loved it until a wave knocked him off balance.  I caught him, but it was enough to unnerve him.  After that, he preferred these puddles, which was perfect because when mom and dad needed a break from taking Elliott down to the ocean, Elliott could still splash around too.

Catch me if you can dad!!

You can't go the beach without chasing the wildlife!

 What a long day!

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