Wednesday, June 27, 2012

July 4th - Patriotic Sensory Tub

I haven't made a sensory tub in a long time.  I find they are a good winter/indoor activity, but we've been so busy and are spending a lot of our free time outside, that I haven't bothered making them lately.

However, I decided to surprise Emory and make him a July 4th - Patriotic Sensory Tub.

clear flat marbles
red, white and blue beads
red, white and blue pompoms
red, white and blue pipe cleaners
red, white and blue sorting buckets
red and blue wooden blocks of different shapes and sizes
red, white and blue ribbon cut into snippets
red dice
glittery silver bow to represent fireworks
red, white and blue stirring sticks

Emory still enjoys scooping and pouring and kept occupied with the tub for a decent amount of time.

I included the dice in case Elliott wanted to join in.  He loves math games, so I figured he would enjoy making up his own games.  I was right.

Both boys also enjoyed turning these little buckets upside down and using the stirring sticks to "drum" and make music.

Nothing fancy, but it was a great way to keep the boys engaged while I cooked.

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  1. This is great! I should make one for my boys as it is so hot outside that we could use thw indoor activity!