Friday, June 1, 2012

Opposites Attract: Magnetic Fun

The other day was a little rainy and the boys needed something to do.  Elliott asked for "science" so I pulled out some magnetic fun.

This book was a little tedious to read, because it starts out by describing some experiments to try.  It's not quite as "story like" as we prefer.  So instead I just set up something similar to the first experiment, then later we skipped to the parts that were easier to read through.

I set up a tray with random items and a magnetic wand, and asked Elliott to use the wand to separate the items into two groups:  magnetic and non-magnetic.  This is a great exercise for making predictions, because  he was surprised at a few of the results.

Afterwards I got out our Lauri Fun with Magnets set.  We didn't do all of the experiments in it, but we played around with a few of them.  They are great for reinforcing North and South poles, and of course the terms attract and repel.  I know he will be excited to get the set back out and finish the experiments.  This set is really great for free play too, as long as he is confined to the table.  I always dread finding random pieces in weird places!

The last thing I showed him was Magnetic Match Rings.  He really enjoyed this activity.  I love that it came with a little travel bag, because it'll be a great hotel activity.  

The boys have since gotten the tray back out, and set out various toys and other random items for the other to explore.  They also asked me to tie a string around a magnet so they could "fish" for magnets like in the book.  It's great for independent play and I'm glad I found something they are really interested in!


Shibley Smiles


  1. What great magnet sets you have! We will definitely have to look into some of those, how fun!

  2. I love the cute and colorful magnets!