Thursday, June 21, 2012

P, Q and R

I got a little behind during VBS and vacation, so here we go...

P is for Play
I have said this many times, and I will say it again.  Children need time to play.  There is nothing more fun for me as a parent than to watch my children immersed in pretend play.  I enjoy listening to their choice of expression as they create dialogue between characters and watching their imagination turn to reality as they create entire playscapes for their toys.  Unstructured play is a big part of our day, and one of my favorites!

Q is for Quotes
Some of my favorite quotes by my children:

As my oldest (almost 3 at the time) happened to see me nursing his little brother for the first time "Oh Emory, don't eat my momma!"

"Does God have eyes in the back of his head if he can see everything?"  and other similar questions are often asked by Elliott.

Emory proudly announced to his Puggles class one night that "Jesus rides a motorcycle."

After giving Elliott the look he flopped lifelessly to the ground and nonchalantly asks "I just fell through the ice, didn't I?"

While Emory is singing about how Old McDonald has a pig Elliott jumps in with "Oh, it's a good thing they have bacon on that farm!"

Emory talking to himself:  "You are powerful.  You are wonderful."

R is for Reading
There is no better way to prepare your child for reading than to read to them! I am no expert in reading or in early childhood education, but I'm going to venture out there and say that it is widely known that reading to children is one of the most beneficial things you can ever do for your children.

Reading builds a special bond between parents and child. While I do most of our readings during the day, and we all enjoy cuddling for a good story, my children love that Daddy gets to read their bedtime story to them after he has been away at work all day.  We take turns reading, that way we both get to enjoy this peaceful and bonding time.

We read a little bit of everything in our house:  Bible stories, poetry, fairy tales, folk tales, quality picture books and even chapter books.   While they are not ready to read chapter books on their own, they have really enjoyed some of our read-alouds like Stuart Little and the original Winnie the Pooh. While I don't particularly like "kid" books that have no literary standards or are based off of television shows, they do get them occasionally. It's like candy. A little won't hurt, but I don't let them indulge in it.

There's no wrong way to read to your child, except to avoid it. Please offer your children one of the greatest gifts they can ever have, and instill a love of literature in them!  Read to them every day!!


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