Monday, July 16, 2012

Angry Birds Sensory Tub

My boys are huge Angry Birds fans, and have been for quite awhile.  Their bathroom is even decked out in Angry Birds decor.  Very cute, and I was able to get a few stuffed animals off the bed by taking their stuffed birds and pig and plopping them way up high on top of the bathroom cabinets for more decorations.  Win-Win!

Anyway, I saw this Angry Birds Sensory Tub at Counting Coconuts a long time ago, and I knew Emory would like it, but we didn't get to it until recently when we needed some indoor activities to do!

decorative river rocks
large black and brown beads
pompoms and feathers in angry bird colors
a green egg
wooden blocks
lincoln logs
brown "nests" (baskets that originally held decorative seashells)
birds, pigs and slingshot from our angry bird game
plush birds from our angry bird toss game

This tub certainly allowed for a lot of imaginative play, and there were birds and pigs flying across my living room every time we had it out!  Normally Elliott only plays with little brother's tubs for a few minutes, but this one was hit with boy boys!

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