Sunday, July 15, 2012

Big Truths for Little Kids

Susan Hunt and Richie Hunt bring you Big Truths for Little Kids. It is a storybook that is designed to help you teach the basic truths of the Christian faith to children.

The book is set up with a few general faith-based questions with given answers before each story. Following the story, there are specific questions for discussion and prayer opportunities. The authors heavily encourage you to use the book to teach catechisms.

Catechism is not something we practice, but I still figured we could use the stories as a springboard for further discussions.

However, my five year old was not interested in the stories. We can read longer chapters from quality children's literature (such as the original Winnie the Pooh series) and he listens and recalls fairly well, so I know it is not his attention span. I just don't think he liked them.  It doesn't matter how good a message, if the book can't engage the listener.

Although the book didn't fit our family, I think other families would find it useful.

I received a complimentary copy of this book through the Crossway Homeschool Book Review Program in exchange for my honest review.

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