Friday, July 6, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: The 4th of July Story

Elliott - Kindergarten - Year 0.5

We've been reading The Fourth of July Story by Alice Dalgliesh as our history over the last several days.  It's a gentle introduction to the birth of the nation.  There are few names and only important events, so that younger children can still grasp the concept.  Many times, young children see July 4th as a holiday for picnics and pool parties, fire works and hot dogs.  I want my children to have at least a basic understanding that the holiday has historical significance as well, and this book really helps at this age group.  Marie Nonnast also does a great job with old-fashioned, gentle illustrations that are still full of action!

To go along with the holiday and the book, we did a few extension activities.

Motor Skills
The kids like using bingo markers, but we rarely get them out, so when I saw this Dot Art Flag {free printable} from I Can Teach My Child I decided to go ahead and print it.

After awhile, Elliott decided it would be quicker to "color" the flag (i.e. drag the dot marker along) so that he could finish and move on.

Instead, put Legos in front of him, and he's fine.

Map Skills
One thing I noticed Elliott enjoys, is whenever we mention a place, he likes to find it on the map. So for this book, we've pointed out England and traveled across the ocean to several of the original colonies now.

Because he enjoys finding places on the map, I set out a magnetic map of the United States with the picture available for him.

He wasn't interested until daddy put the first couple of pieces together and left it for him.  Since then, he will put a piece or two together once or twice a day as he walks by it.

Food Fun
For a sweet treat we made Red, White and Blue popsicles with our homemade popsicle kits. I used blue Gatorade for the blue, Capri Sun for the white and Cranberry juice for the red. Kool-Aid probably would have yielded more vivid colors...but...oh well. Sorry, no pictures!

Emory - Tot School - Year 0

Emory working his Dot Art Flag like his brother.  For a few minutes anyway.

As you can see, his interest quickly went elsewhere. 

He also spent some time sorting pompoms by color.  I was going to just do red/white/blue, but he wanted all of the Lego buckets, so I added yellow and green.

 He used children's tweezers to transfer them.

He also played with his July 4th/Patriotic Sensory Tub some more, before I had him help me disassemble it--which is a great activity for sorting and organizing!

We may have done a little more this week, but with mom not feeling well (and starting classes back up this week), and Elliott being sick on and off this week, it was best to keep it simple.

Tot School

Shibley Smiles

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  1. I love both version of the flag and both dot paintings. This looks like a wonderful book to celebrate the 4th of July with.

  2. Great activities! LOVE the Lego flag :)

  3. I wish I would have homeschooled when ours was younger - it looks like so much fun. The flag ideas are wonderful.

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  4. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.