Friday, July 27, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: Child Led Learning

Not much to report this week.  Iron Man and I are basically just doing bare bones reading and math.  I think the boys can tell I don't quite have my energy back yet, and they've have been really good at keeping themselves busy, and I'm quite proud of their choices this week.

There's been a lot of Lego and Lego Duplo building, which has led to a lot of imaginative play.

They've also entertained themselves with board games.  Of course, they're getting out ones they can play without much adult assistance, such as Topsy Turtle and Hungry, Hungry, Hippo.

There's been some dress-up play as well.

I tried to play picture Dominoes with Hulk, but he was more interested in making a fence for his animals.

They've both been drawing.  Here's Hulk showing off his scribbles.  Though if you ask him, there's usually a grandma, a fish, a dinosaur, a race car, a rocket ship, an ocean or river, or any combination of the above in his pictures.

One day Iron Man came to me and asked to paint.  I couldn't find our watercolor paper, so they were stuck with regular copy paper because they were being impatient. I'm not sure what this red one started out to be (it was a secret) but he decided to change course and do something different.

He changed to a children's Melissa and Doug watercolor set for the first time, and I was quite disappointed with the quality of the colors.  They were very dull and even he noticed that his colors weren't as bright as the ones his little brother was using.  I asked if he wanted to switch (because Hulk wouldn't care) but he said no.

He then let it dry and decided it needed stickers.  It's supposed to represent his grandparent's farm, although he took a few artistic liberties of course!

Naturally, Hulk wanted to do his own paintings as well.  As you may be able to tell, his even cheaper Rose Art paint resulted in brighter colors.  Oh well, it's about time we started investing in nicer art materials anyway.

Any suggestions for this artistically challenged momma?

Here he is showing off his version of the farm!

Oh, and if you've been a reader for any length of know my boys do NOT like to color.  I couldn't tell you how many untouched coloring books I've donated over the years.  I've never been concerned, though, because they do like to paint and draw.  I figure if there's some creativity in there somewhere, I'll let them express it however they want.  But apparently this coloring thing becomes really cool if it involves a Star Wars coloring book!

Iron Man has probably colored about half of his book, and in much greater detail than I've ever seen him use.  Here is his Yoda.

Even Hulk worked at coloring all of the light sabers in his book!

A very unstructured week, but I don't doubt my kids are learning.

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  1. Looks like a fun week! I love the Star Wars coloring pages. Too cute!