Friday, July 13, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

Iron Man - 5 yrs - Kindergarten

My dear, dear son.  We had a short week again, because we took some time off for Character Training.  (read:  attitude adjustments)  Here he is being goofy and sweet...but for some reason that was not the case this entire week.  I assume all children go through these stages, but right now I am looking for that brick wall so I can bang my head against it!  However...we can't be productive if I cannot keep my heart and head together, so I try not to show my frustration in front of him.  I just pray that we work through this quickly.

Despite that, he actually wanted to follow the directions in his math book and color the page earlier this week.  Normally when it comes to coloring, I allow him to circle or X, or we adjust it some other way...because he has never enjoyed coloring.  I was just going to allow him to work the problems with manipulatives, but he wanted to do both.  He started out coloring.  He ended with halfway scribbling the correct color in the correct spot.  I knew it wouldn't last long!

He did ask one day if he could choose something on his own, and when given permission, he chose these links.  He chose this pattern out of the book, then made another one with the remaining links (red, red, blue) for his brother.

The other work this week was already discussed in Teddy Bear Picnic Day.

Hulk - Tot School
As always, Hulk is never required to participate, but I usually set something up at his spot anyway, in case he chooses to join us.  He tagged along during Teddy Bear Picnic Day, mostly by playing with these toy bears.

Hylk actually spent most of his time this week cutting and snipping bits of paper.  "It's like cutting your fingernails momma!"  He's only now getting interested in scissors, so I just give him scrap paper and let him play around.

He also worked on this poor old Diego puzzle and compared baby Jag to a tiger...then crawled off roaring like a tiger!

Not a busy week, but since we're working on some character/behavioral issues, and I think that is more important at this age, it was productive.

Bailey - Puppy School

The dog has suddenly regressed in her table manners too!!

Tot School


  1. LOL at the dog's table manners.

    I feel you on the attitudes. Wait til they hit the tween years. Ugh!!!

  2. That's the great thing about homeschooling, it allows you to be flexible and take time off when you need to for whatever reason. Hang in there, momma!

  3. Let me know when you find an available brick wall. My 6 year old has recently started acting like a 16year old. Rolling her eyes and being all defiant. YIKES! Where did my sweet innocent baby go??? Here's to hoping for a quick phase for us both!

  4. Maybe it is the season cause my 6 yr old DD is doing the same!