Monday, August 6, 2012

TOS Review: Math Made Easy

You may already know that math is my least favorite subject, and I worry about teaching my kids math.  I've struggled with what curriculum to start off with, whether to focus on living math for now, or how to integrate the two to his advantage.

Recently I was given the opportunity to try Addition Teaching and Learning Made Easy created by Glenda Brown James.

The Program

  • Designed to help student master and memorize math facts in 6 weeks
  • Teaches how to eliminate unnecessary work by teaching Zero and One facts, then commutative property
  • Covers 6 facts each week, for a total of 36 facts
  • Includes pre-test, six weeks of daily worksheets/lessons, post-test, games and flashcards

Each week is a new set of math problems, but the style of worksheet repeats:

Monday is a Color By Number style worksheet
Tuesday is a crack the code type page with a related coloring picture
Wednesday is a cut/paste puzzle
Thursday is a review page of addition problems
Friday is the Math Problem of the Week

Monday:  Color by Number

Putting it to Work
One of the first things Iron Man picked up was commutative property.  I do think that's an important skill to understand in addition and multiplication, because it does help math go more smoothly.

My favorite part of the program was Friday's Math Problem of the Week, because it always involves more critical thinking.  Even my worksheet-hating, non-coloring child tolerated some of these worksheets because they were simple, and some even asked you to draw out the answers.
Friday's Math Problem of the Week

There are two homeschool packages. Addition is geared for 1st and 2nd grade, with Kindergarten optional. Multiplication, is geared for 3rd and 4th grade, but can be used with 5th and 6th graders as well. The Homeschool Packages are $24.95 and the entire program is contained in a spiral bound book. The books are also reproducible within the immediate family, so it can be used for all of your children.

My Recommendation
Admittedly, Iron Man is on the younger side of this program's target age range (Kindergarten) and this turned out to be more of a practice program for us than mastery and memorization.  However, he does seem more comfortable with commutative property, and is working problems more quickly.

Despite the title, this program does not teach the math, instead it gives an outline to aid in the memorization of math facts, therefore I would not recommend it for instructional purposes, or for a student who struggles with the actual foundation of addition or multiplication.

I do think either the Addition or Multiplication program would be great for students who like coloring and activity sheets, children who simply need more practice before moving on to the next level or the family who wants a nice summer review program to keep their kids fresh.

Be sure to check out what other reviews think of the Addition and Multiplication programs!

As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion. These opinions are based on my experience with the product and were not influenced in any way.

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