Friday, August 17, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: Moving and a Birthday

I know I haven't been posting much, but I've just been so wrapped up with other things.  The biggest thing now is that my husband received a fantastic job offer, but being a promotion that is "too good to pass up" has one downfall.  It involves being transferred 3 hours away.  Immediately.  There's been some logistical things that had to be worked out, so he's been worked up over that...and I'm not crazy about the idea of basically packing this house without much of his help!

So needless to say, our homeschooling has been put to the back burner as I begin the cleaning, purging, donating, organizing and packing.  We're only focusing on a few things right now, and that's mostly what we are reviewing for The TOS Crew.  Mostly Iron man is doing reading, and together they are doing Spanish, nature study, physical fitness, and whatever activities are easily accomplished without requiring many materials being dragged in and out of the chaos.

Iron Man is 5 years old (Kindergarten)
Hulk is 3 years old (unofficial Preschool)

The boys are particularly interested in whatever I am cleaning/organizing, so that is usually where our "school" lands us for the day.

One day I cleaned out the art cabinets.

No, I no longer remember what those pictures were supposed to be.  Bad mom!

Then I was going through puzzles.  This was a "new" one from goodwill that they'd never worked, so both boys tried it out.  Hulk still needs a little help with 24+ piece puzzles, but he works hard on then.  

We are also trying out Speekee Spanish{see my review here now}and the boys are enjoying the accompanying activities, including making their very own creative sock puppets.

We've also been enjoying our outdoor time.  We've had physical fitness, play time and of course nature study.

You can read about their Nature Treasures and the homemade xylophone in X, Y and Z!

Hulk just celebrated his third birthday.  It's sooo hard to believe my baby is three!  We will be having a very small party this weekend, but my husband happened to take a few days off to study for a federal exam related to his licensing, so we celebrated on Hulk's actual birthday by going to the movies.  Afterwards we took the boys to a bakery to choose individual cupcakes, and sat on their patio to enjoy the nice weather.

The birthday boy chose Blueberry Cheesecake, because it had blue icing.

Big brother chose raspberry because it was closest to his new favorite color, red.

Mom and dad chose based on flavors.  I had kiwi lime, and it was great!  We bought half a dozen, so I had red velvet the next day.  Another yum!

So between my course work, the pregnancy and the impending move, I may be in and out over the next several weeks, but hopefully things will settle down by the fall!

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