Thursday, August 16, 2012

X, Y and Z...

Well, I got a little behind on my participation in the Blogging Through the Alphabet series, but I wanted to make sure to post this week as it has reached the end!

X is for Xylophone
One of Iron Man's favorite activities in his music class at co-op earlier this year was the xylophone activity made from glasses of water.  Hulk didn't participate in that activity, so recently I thought I'd make one up for them to try together.  I decided we would color our water, to add some color mixing lessons in it too.

Although Iron Man liked the activity, it was definitely more suited for Emory this time.  Hulk had a great time watching the colors appear, and especially discussing dark and light.  Not to mention being allowed to bang on glasses!  I gave the boys different utensils to use for "mallets" and Hulk especially enjoyed trying each one out.  We also talked about which glasses had the most and least water, and which glasses made the highest and lowest sounds.  So we got music, science and math all into one activity!  Win-Win-Win!

Y is for Yard
Yes, we use our yard for school quite frequently.  We don't need to travel to the park for Physical Education or to a nature preserve for science.  While it's nice to take those field trips, and we love to do so, it's also practical to use what you have.  We are blessed to have a nice size yard, and we are close enough to my in-law's farm to walk there whenever we want for more fun adventures.  Sometimes I give them a little guidance.  Today we started our outdoor time with a Homeschool Fitness program that we are reviewing, then the rest of their time was their time.

Recently, one of their favorite things to do is go on nature discovery walks.  They love to be Nature Pirates, and they call their finds Nature Treasures!  Nature ahoy!  The rule is that we try to find fallen or windblown items, which is easily accomplished after big storms, but occasionally they do pick some wildflowers.  Elliott loves collecting the mimosa tree seed pods from the ground and opening them.

Z is for Zen Garden
This is a simple one from the dollar store, and is only used for de-stressing.  It's great for a calm corner.  There is just something relaxing about playing and drawing in sand (even my husband and I enjoy the rice-based sensory tubs) and this often does the trick.

Blogging Through the Alphabet

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