Monday, September 24, 2012

Autumn 2012 Sensory Tub

The boys wanted to make a fall sensory tub and include some of the acorns that we didn't turn into acorn pumpkins, so I put together a quick sensory tub for them.  Without having time to think about it or look up inspiration for anything new, this is very similar to last year's Autumn Sensory Tub, with a few new things added in.

::popcorn kernels
::leaves, pumpkins, gourds and other fall decor
::two brown baskets
::large brown beads and small green beads
::small pine cones
::scrapbooking pumpkins and leaves

On the Side
::Leaf shaped plate
::scoops, plastic tweezers, spoon

I was unsure about sensory tubs when I first started them.  However, there's a reason preschool and Kindergarten classrooms include sensory tables in their play areas.  They provide wonderful sensory and fine motor experiences.  Plus, this got over an hour of play when it was introduced!  It's hard to find something that can entertain both boys for an extended length of time together, so even though some Lego people landed on another planet during their play, I consider this a success!

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  1. i do love a good sensory tray! and Autumn is such a fun one to make. so much to choose from. well done xx

  2. Oh I love this sensory bin! I will have to make one similar. :)

  3. what a beautiful sensory tray! love the autumn colors and textures, thanks for sharing at tip toe thru tuesday!