Thursday, September 13, 2012

Playing Catch-Up: birthday, beach and a move!

Because of everything going on, I haven't really posted much in the last several weeks, so here's a recap of a few big things.  Hulk had his 3rd birthday!  We had a very small Incredible Hulk themed party at his grandparent's house.

balloon fight!

Happy Birthday Song


Incredible Hulk ring


Our Beach Vacation
We spent a lot of time playing in the sand, swimming and collecting shells!  The beach offers so many wonderful opportunities for nature study.  Before we left, we read several themed books, including What Lives in a Shell?

So we spent a lot of time examining different shell types and colors, and making sure not to take any that were still homes.

Hulk has a love-hate relationship with the ocean, but started getting braver by the end of the week.  Not a lot of pictures of ocean or pool time, since they require our full attention.  I do have some on husband's phone...but he's at work and I haven't transferred them over yet.

We had a fair amount of rain that week, but not enough to ruin our fun.  To combat a few downpours and storms, we took the boys to an indoor arcade, MagiQuest and Wonderworks.

My 3 favorite boys!

Moving Day
We just moved over the weekend, so things were a little hectic for awhile.  For the time being, I'm still slowly unpacking, and each empty box is a treasure for the boys!

Hulk turned his into a "zoomer" originally, and Iron Man's was a robot.  They also served as a drive-thru window at one point, as someone was serving chicken nuggets and milkshakes!  ;-)

Things are starting to settle down, and I'm hoping we'll be back into a routine in the next few weeks.

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