Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall Fest and enjoying Autumn!

Loving the Fall Weather here, but prayers for those that are being affected by Sandy!

Iron Man is 5 and in Kindergarten
Hulk is 3 and is doing an informal Tot School

Iron Man - 5 yrs - Kindergarten

Iron Man is still enjoying his new Language Arts programs, and is now showing a little excitement about reading, since he can clearly see his progress.  The program has several games with it, and one night he wanted to play a game he hadn't played before.  Since the games coincide with lessons, I decided we would play something else instead.

Four Words came from a discount store, and the "easy" side of each card is basically a letter matching game for young children.  However, there are phonics rules we've been reviewing, so it was a nice way to review without feeling like we were doing a lesson.  He wanted to "play the hard way by turning the letters over and searching for the right letters."  Turns out the original game-play is described like Memory, so that's how we played.  He won!

Fall Festival
Apparently I didn't take any other pictures of Iron Man doing "school" work, but here are some fun pictures from the Fall Festival at daddy's work.

The bubble guy came and set up, and there were a variety of wands for the kids to try.

There was also coloring, a craft table, pumpkin painting, face painting, games and other activities.

(shhh...don't tell him his spider only had 6 legs!)

There was also a live bluegrass band and some great vendors.  I found the most delicious peanut brittle I've ever had!  My bag didn't last 24 hours.  :-)

Fun at Home
We've been spending a lot of time outside enjoying the beautiful fall weather too.

He still thinks raking the yard is fun.  Who am I to tell him otherwise!?

Hulk - 3 yrs - Tot School

Linking Cubes

Linking Cubes and Pegs...he came up with this one on his own, but this would be an easy impromptu color-matching activity as well.

Of course Hulk wanted to join in the Four Words game.  I just handed him matching letter tiles as I found them during my turn, and he enjoyed matching them up.

This little Pumpkin thing is like a candy machine...he put the beads in and turned the knob so they would roll out.

Fall Festival
I didn't seem to get as many pictures of Hulk in action, since I had to help him more.

He loved painting his pumpkin!

He also spent a lot of time at the craft table.  He decorated foam pumpkins and colored a couple of pictures for me.

Outdoor Play
This one was all about jumping in the leaf piles!

Family Read - Alouds

Most of the books I pull out around Halloween aren't actually about Halloween; they just easily fit into a Halloween theme.

Trick or Treat
I may or may not get around to sharing photos of the actual activities this weekend, so here's a photo of my Spiderman and Darth Vadar.  I kind of hoped they'd go for themed costumes again this year, because they're so cute when they're all matchy-matchy (they've been Batman and Robin and Woody and Rex from Toy Story in the past), but oh well.  I'll survive!  ;-)

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  1. Nothing like raking leaves and then jumping in the pile! The reading game looks interesting. Looks like you guys had a fun week of learning. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Your little boys look so adorable in their costumes! The books you guys read look fun. We'll have to check them out!