Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Quiet Time Box

We've been having a little problem with quiet time since we moved.  It's not so quiet.  In fact, it's the opposite of quiet.  It's loud and destructive, and my afternoon is unproductive.  So I've decided to change things up, and part of that will include trying out quiet time boxes.  I was looking for a few things when I started creating the quiet time boxes.  I wanted the boxes to offer something educational, creative, and entertaining.  Things that will challenge without frustrating, and items that are just plain fun.  I knew this would be a great way to rotate in some of our fun magazines and homeschooling supplies that were being overlooked too.

I decided the first one we would start with would be a Halloween Quiet Time Box!  So what's in the box?

  • laminated pumpkins and dry erase markers for creativity
  • spiders, snakes and other creepy crawlies for playing
  • orange Halloween bowl 
  • orange, green and black pompoms
  • green tweezers, clear tongs, orange scoop
  • 11-20 Spider puzzle (from 2 Teaching Mommies Spiders unit)
  • 11-20 Pumpkin puzzle (from 2 Teaching Mommies Pumpkin unit)
  • Orange acrylic pumpkins
  • Silicone pumpkin tray
  • Pumpkin lacing card
  • National Geographic Kids Halloween Issue
  • Halloween Themed Character Toys:  Ghost, Dracula, Mummy, etc
  • Books of pumpkin carving patterns to browse for ideas

There are also two board books.
  • Biscuit Visits the Pumpkin Patch (board book)
  • Barney's Peekaboo Halloween! (board book, no idea where it came from, but Hulk loves the lifting flaps)

These are all things I trust my boys (3 and 5) to play with independently, and are easy enough to be cleaned up independently.  Should the next few days go well, I will try to share some of our other quiet time boxes.  Any suggestions for quiet time boxes are also greatly appreciated!

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  1. what great ideas. i think i might try and create a similar thing for my boys. will need older ideas as they are 6 and 10 but that's just a matter of adding lots of craft bits i think. They do love crafting! Thanks for sharing xx

  2. This is a really cute idea! And I like how you really thought it out. I would love to try the same thing!

  3. This is such a good idea. I love that it all fits in a box.
    We have a Halloween Linky open and I would love if you could share it with us