Friday, October 5, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: Skip Counting and more!

Before I get into our wrap-up, I wanted to share something sweet my boys said.  My birthday is this week, and Iron Man came to me and asked if I would like to go to the movies this weekend since it was my birthday.  Of course, the movie he asked about is one he wants to see, but that's beside the point. He was reminding me later in the week about our birthday date, and Hulk chimed in that I am going to be a princess on my birthday!  Iron Man said I don't need a costume to be a princess because I am one already.  *sigh*  I love my boys!

Iron Man- 5 yrs - Kindergarten

Iron Man:  What's 10 + 10?
Mom:  20
Iron Man:  What's 20 + 10?
Mom:  30
Iron Man:  What's 30 + 10?

I stopped him right there.  I had recently downloaded a Fall Math Pack Freebie from the Moffatt Girls, and it happened to have a 10-100 skip counting page.  We started with it.  He then voluntarily wrote out the numbers on another piece of paper!

The boys are also into hide-and-seek lately, so I've had him skip counting by 10's when it's his turn to count.  He loves to play on a calculator, so I showed him how to add +10 on it to skip count, and we reviewed how to count by 10's on the abacus.

I was looking up skip counting ideas online and Apples4theTeacher linked to this Ghost Skip Counting Game.  It was perfect for the math lesson and for the upcoming holiday!

Iron Man loves measuring tapes, so when his personal measuring tape reappeared as I was organizing school supplies, he was very excited.

We have started a new reading/writing curriculum, and although it's only been few days, I am impressed with Iron Man's response to it so far.  Of course we will have to dive further into it before I can give you a more accurate impression, but I am really looking forward to it.

Nature Study
I mentioned last week that he started a nature journal.  Iron Man is really proud of this so far, and has requested very specific entries based on a few outdoor finds.

This red-spotted newt is by far their favorite find in a long time.  They spent a long time watching it, and Iron Man excitedly asked if he could include it in his new nature journal.

He was only mildly interested in getting the general shape and he still doesn't love coloring, but I appreciated his attention to detail in his color choices.   After he drew it, we wrote in the name, date and where we found it.

Hulk - 3 yrs - Tot School

He still loves doing these puzzles.  He worked on a color puzzle, and we reviewed shapes with this one.

This puzzle is way too easy, but he still loves it.  He likes naming the dinosaurs as he puts them in the correct spot.  As you can see, he also asks for the counting bears at least once week.

Another day  Hulk was working on the alphabet puzzle.  Iron Man went to help him identify the letters by name as he was putting the pieces into place.

As I said, the boys are into hide-and-seek, and this has been a GREAT way for Hulk to practice counting 1-20!

Memory Matching
The boys and I played Memory one evening.  Hulk wasn't really ready for the "rules" of the game, but did enjoy the matching aspect of it.

Hulk asked to use some scissors so I gave him some scrap paper and he got to work snipping and cutting.

Peg Game
Hulk has always enjoyed his pawpaw's triangle Peg Game, so I grabbed him one at Dollar Tree awhile back.  Of course he doesn't understand the rules, but he likes to name the colors and count them while he's putting the pegs in and taking them out.

Dad is taking a three day weekend, and since we haven't had a chance to find anything beyond gas stations and grocery stores, we plan on spending some family time together getting to know the area!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. Hey- I just stumbled upon your blog as I was visiting the Homeschool Creations linky. I love what you're doing! My two oldest kids are the same age as yours and we've been working on many of the same math concepts that you guys have. Thanks for the great resources and ideas- I can't wait to print out the skip counting sheet that you used.


  2. Visiting from Tot School~ looks like a great week!

  3. Great hands on week. I love it when weeks are filled with such hands on activities.