Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: Monster Theme

I wasn't planning on doing a theme really, but I found a few cute monster things, so we went with a small Monster Theme as our extra this week.  The good thing about a Monster Theme is that it can be fun at Halloween, but it's also a fun anytime theme, which made it a good pick for our fun stuff to round out October and transition into November's Thanksgiving themes.

Iron Man is 5 and in Kindergarten
Hulk is 3 and does an informal Tot School

Iron Man - 5 Years - Kindergarten

Mathematics - Bugsy Kindergarten Math iPad app
This app was free over the weekend, so I grabbed it.  It started out very easy, and I wasn't sure Iron Man would stay interested.  However, after he chose it a few times, I realized the questions were increasing in difficulty, so I think it has potential to be a nice supplement.

Reading - Feed the Creature
This homemade game came with our reading curriculum.  As he reads the words he's learned or working on, he can feed them to the monster.  Can you tell he was not interested in coloring the game when we first set it up?  Regardless, he does like playing it, because he gets to make fun monster chomping sounds.  Since this went well with our theme this week, it was a great way to review a few times!

Literature and Art
We had so much fun with our Where the Wild Things Are Monster Art!  There are some other monster books from this week listed on that post as well.

Science - Weather
I went to bed early one night, and when I turned on the television briefly the next day, I found it on the weather channel.  Iron Man says "I watched that last night with daddy and there's a megastorm coming."  Apparently he woke up and watched a little television with dad before going back to sleep...and he must have absorbed every single word because boy did he educate me on the storm, how to prepare for a storm, and how to stay safe during one.  It made for some great conversation anyway.  To be honest, I forgot how much he liked the weather channel.

Science - Magnets
We've also had a lot of magnetic exploration this week.  He's really enjoyed the magnetic activity bag, which lead me to dig out the complete Lauri - Fun with Magnets set as well as these Magnetic Match Rings.  (Just ignore the mess all over the table!!)

He worked several monster puzzles--these are from Target's $1 spot a long time ago.  These are pretty easy for him, but he was great about helping Hulk with them.

He also pulled out these puzzles and worked them one day as well.  Then demanded I get a picture of them.

Just for Fun - Roll a Monster
This is a fun little Roll a Monster activity from Expressive Monkey.  My favorite is the one at the bottom.  He decided to draw it sideways because of how he drew his "body" blob thing.  He said they all had to be on one paper so they could be Monster Friends!

Just for Fun - Beastly Balloons
My husband the impulse shopper picked this kit up for the boys one day, and it's just been sitting in our room since then.  I figured this was the perfect time to pull it out.  It came with 10 balloons, a booklet with ideas and the pieces to create your own creatures.  I didn't ask them follow the patterns in the book, though; I let them create their own.

Iron Man said he liked this one the best because it looked like a tomato head monster.  (You can sort of see the green hair on the top in this picture.)

Hulk - 3 Years Old - Tot School

Hulk didn't play school with us much this week, which is fine, but here are a few highlights from his week.

Magnetic Fun
Hulk does love magnets too, but of course, he mostly does his own thing with them.

He also spent a good bit of time coloring super heroes.

Color Matching and Fine Motor Skills
He picked this bag from his Activity Bags basket and asked to work it.  (One bead is affixed to a pipe cleaner, and he matches the rest by color)

Beastly Balloons
Here are two of Hulk's fun Beastly Balloons.

As usual, this was his favorite puzzle this week.  Although big brother borrowed it and was creating addition problems...which is fine, fine, fine with me!!

iPad Fun
The iPad is used for educational games and for fun, and here he's playing a fun game of Angry Birds.

Book of the Week
I Love You Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt

Hulk was in love with this book this week.  It is about a little boy with a vivid imagination asking "What if I was a .... " questions, perhaps as a way to delay bedtime?  Mom however, is ready with some great answers about how she would still love him anyway.  Definitely a fun book for little boys, and a sweet book about a parent's unconditional love.

Family Time

We had a great time carving pumpkins, toasting seeds and dressing up for fun.

Trick or Treat
He was shooting his web at me!

For some reason, I had a hard time getting decent pictures of their pumpkins this year.  I think because my husband used a different type of light in them, plus I had a street light behind me...and my low battery light was flashing, so I didn't have time to keep trying.  Oh well.  Hulk chose a dragon pattern, and it had a red glowing light in it that actually made it look really cool.

Iron Man's pumpkin was The Honeymooners (he only noticed Frankenstein on the pattern), but he had a white flashing LED light, so his was pretty neat looking too.

Candy Invasion
I always feel like there is a candy overload in our house after Halloween, so I try to find creative ways to use all the candy.  Like last year, the Halloween Trail Mix was a big hit.  This one is cheerios and boo berry cereal, peanut M&M's, pretzels and raisins.  This is one of those snacks that works for everyone, because it can be adapted to whatever candy and pantry items you already have.  Especially if those pantry items happen to be boo berry cereal that your husband thought he would love just because he did as a kid!

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  1. Looks like your boys had a really fun week! Love the trail mix, great idea!

  2. I love the beastly balloons! That Halloween trail mix is a great idea.

  3. My Little boy was spiderman for halloween too :) love the activities. Awesome job!