Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: Thanksgiving Fun

I'm not a unit-study mom, but the boys enjoy seasonal activities, so of course it was time to start our Thanksgiving theme.  Generally I just mix in a few holiday/seasonal activities that tie into our Kindergarten work, with age appropriate activities for the little guy too.

Iron Man is 5 and in Kindergarten
Hulk is 3 and is doing an informal Tot School

Iron Man - 5 - Kindergarten

One of the early stickers for our PAL Phonics Farm sticker chart was a TURKEY for the 'ur' sound!  So one day when we were reviewing, I wrote several words on the board and asked him to read them, and then spell them with the UpWords tiles.  I just copied the words from the back of the 'ur' card (from a set of phonics flashcards in Target's $1 spot).  The words included turkey, purple, hurt, purse, church and turtle.  Church was the only word he struggled with, but it was a good opportunity to discuss the 'ch' sound.

Hundreds Chart
On Monday we did this Turkey Hundreds Chart from Lil' Country Kindergarten.  She has a multitude of charts if your children enjoy them.  Instead of giving him the self-check page, I told him it was a Hidden Picture and I helped when needed.  I was a little surprised he finished it, with the amount of coloring required, but he's interested in all things numbers right now, and the "surprise" element really helped!

Not only was I surprised that he liked the Hundreds Chart this time (we didn't get past about 3 squares the last time I offered one), but he shocked me by asking for more.  From the same website, I also found the Native American and the Pilgrim, so I'm planning to take those on our trip next week to give him something to do.

Pattern Blocks
I printed these Thanksgiving Pattern Blocks (Pilgrim, Native American, Turkey and Mayflower) from This Reading Mama.  She also offers the basic outline without the individual shapes, but I just printed the easier ones since little brother would be joining in.  It later turned into free play with Iron Man making a flower and a bumblebee, as well as experimenting with fractions!

In Drawing the Mayflower and Thanksgiving Books, I talked about how Iron Man drew his own Mayflower ship, and the Thanksgiving Books we've been reading.

Disguise a Turkey
This is not a new concept by any means, but it's the first time we've done it.  I just found a turkey printout from somewhere online (and now I don't remember where to give the proper credit).  After looking around the house for inspiration, he decided on the Yellow Angry Bird!  I love the little black feather at the top of his head!  Oh, and that's his angry face, in case you're wondering!

As you can see, anything Angry Birds is a hit in our house.  This puzzle came from the dollar tree, and is way too easy for him, but he's still put it together several times.  He's also asked for more.

Hulk - 3 - Tot School
Hulk joined in some of our activities, and created some of his own.

Lacing Beads
Anything that can be stacked is used for building in our house.  We've never discussed symmetry at this age, but I was impressed with his diligence in making sure his towers "matched" on both sides.

These dominoes are out almost every week, but we've never actually played dominoes with them.  They are also used for stacking and building.

Pattern Blocks
Hulk also joined in on the Thanksgiving Pattern Blocks.  He had never showed a real interest in these in the past, but I guess putting them up for awhile was all it took for me to recognize how much he's learned in the last few months!  He enjoyed matching the shapes to the printouts, as well as making his own people.

Hulk counts fairly well due to playing hide-and-seek with big brother, and I guess he's picking up one-to-one correspondence from him too.  I think he may be ready for a slightly more formal tot school in the near future.

Later in the week, Hulk wanted to throw the large foam dice, so I adapted that to rolling across the room.  Sometimes we rolled at the same time to see who could roll further, and sometimes we took turns, but I asked him to count the dots on each of our dice.  I found out he easily recognized 1-3, and only had to count 4-6.

This cornucopia picture came in a pile of worksheets from a K teacher.  It was supposed to be a Color by Letter, but well...he wasn't interested in impressing anyone with this one!

Disguise a Turkey
Hulk went for a rainbow turkey!

I don't recall the name of this app right now, but Hulk really enjoys the little Monster/Alien things, and would get so excited when he finished these easy puzzles!

He liked the color matching game too.

Turkey Time Lunch
After last week's turkey lunch success, I figured we'd try another one.  This one was inspired by Meet the Dubiens, which is a great place to find fun food inspiration!  This is a turkey and cheese sandwich with apple feathers.  Raisin eyes, cheese beak, apple waddle, and pretzel stick legs.  I used green peppers for the grass with some mixed nuts.

Last year our Thanksgiving Activities included a narration time line, a handprint turkey, building the mayflower, making a turkey counting book and more!  We may do some variations of a few of these again.  We'll be going "home" next week, at least for a few days, so I probably won't be around too much.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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  2. Lots of great stuff! That turkeys hundreds chart is great, and it looks like you've done a bunch of other fun hands-on stuff. Mine are bigger, but that age is so much fun.

  3. great activities and the turkey sandwich is adorable!