Sunday, December 23, 2012

DO-ing Challenge: Preparing for Baby

This accountability link-up has been good for getting me motivated to get things accomplished.  That, and knowing there's only a few weeks left until the baby arrives.

We took the boys to get their hair cut so they're good for Christmas.  Although right before we left, we spent some time making phone calls, and had to add a stop for new glasses for Iron Man, since Hulk decided to rip them off his face and bend them like a pretzel.

Baby Planning/Nesting
At my appointment this week (35 weeks) there was talk of "naturally" inducing me as early as 37 weeks.  So needless to say, I had to get busy.  I mentioned a few weeks ago that this giant tote of clothes needed to be washed, sorted and put away.

Done!  After doing that, I was able to see what size/season combinations we will need.  I also washed the car seat and cover and they are ready to go.  Then I made a list of all the "stuff" I still need to pick up for me and the baby so I can pack our bags for the hospital.  The husband cleaned out the utility closet and moved all the Christmas totes out of her room too.

Meal Planning/Freezer Meals
I remember how hard it was to cook dinner with a toddler and newborn (one certain little boy was very demanding for the first 6 months...and still is for that matter), and now that we're two hours away from family, I realized I won't have any meal support at all.  So I decided I would try my hand at freezer meals.  My goal was to look for recipes that included ingredients we already had on hand--I got a late start and did not desire to go to the store the last weekend before Christmas.

So far I've made breakfast burritos, homemade meatballs, chili, cranberry orange bread, peachy balsamic chicken, and brown sugar and basil pork chops.  Some are oven-ready, and some are crockpot ready, and I'm using the disposable aluminum trays or double bagging freezer bags for easy clean-up.

I have more ideas in my head (baked ziti, vegetable soup, leftovers from Christmas dinner, muffins) that I hope to get put away the day after Christmas.

Easy DIY Toy project
The boys had this Star Wars ship toy thing that was meant to store those little Mighty Beanz in, but it didn't get played with much.  So while lying in bed one night, it struck me that I could take the plastic trays out and they could use it to store their Star Wars action figures and accessories, which needed a "home" of their own.

I spent more time looking for a tool for those weird screws than I did taking the toy apart.  With both plastic trays out, several action figures fit in there, it still closes nicely, and it is now used for play too.

Upcoming Goals
Th beginning of this week will mostly be spent celebrating Christmas and enjoying family.  The second part of the week will be cleaning, trying to prepare more freezer meals if possible, and packing.  Now that my prenatal appointments are weekly and I am close to delivery, the boys and I are temporarily "moving" back to our old house until the baby is born.  We will be close to family for help if needed, and close to my desired hospital, which is a comfort when winter weather can be unpredictable.  So I may not be online much over the next couple of weeks, but when I come back, I will have sweet baby pictures to share!

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  1. Good for you for getting those baby clothes squared away and getting some freezer meals taken care of. My 3rd child showed up over 3 weeks early (ha! ha!), so I know what it can be like to be caught unprepared. ;0)

    You've had a really productive week. Thank you for linking up!

  2. What fun planning for a new baby. I need to get some freezer meals prepared before my Thailand trip so the kids aren't eating hot pockets and corn dogs the whole time I'm gone.