Monday, December 31, 2012

Getting Things DONE during the Holidays

So this past week was actually pretty good.

Iron Man had his first speaking part!  Our practice at home paid off.  I wasn't sure how he would do with individual lines, but he came in on cue and said them word for word.  He did awesome!  Well, he was wiggly, and got a little silly when his three year old brother got silly, but he did awesome on his lines.  The little one however:  he ran away during the opening prayer, stripped his costume off and refused to go up with his class.  Although he did swipe the microphone long enough to say one of big brother's lines.

After that, I finished up all of my online coursework for the quarter!  I'm so relieved to be taking a quarter off, even though I only have two classes left.  I didn't think it was a good idea to attempt to start classes at the same time the baby was due, so I'll resume in the spring and finish my degree then!

I spent the morning baking cookies with the boys and I got another freezer meal put away.  I would have had some cranberry muffins put away for me--except I forgot about them while they were baking.  They were worthy of the trash.

Then we celebrated Christmas with my husband's family.  It's always a blessing and we have such a good time!  There are 12 cousins on this side of the family, and the only three girls are teenagers, so I think there's some excitement about having a baby girl in the family again.  The last few times we've seen my husband's twin brother and his wife, she has another ADORABLE outfit for us.  This is the most recent!  Is it not too cute!?

So needless to say, some of my time is being "wasted" drooling over teeny-tiny outfits that her auntie is bestowing on her.

I enjoyed Christmas day with my husband and kids.  It was the first year we've stayed home by ourselves, and it was so relaxing.  I made extra pancakes for breakfast to freeze for the boys, for after the baby comes.  Pancakes are easy, but this eliminates the mess.  The husband and I tried to get all the "stuff" put away and the packages broken down and disposed of, just to get it out of the way.

I made Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast, at the boys request.  Then the rest of the Christmas ham was either sliced or diced to freeze along with the bone for a nice pot of beans.  I also spent some time packing things for me and the boys for our temporary move, as well as things we'll need for the baby's birth.  The husband is in charge of packing a small overnight bag for when he gets the call.

It's a two hour drive to my doctor's office, so we tidied up the house and headed out early.  After my appointment, we stopped at the store to get most of the things I'll need for me and baby.  I have been hesitant this whole pregnancy about buying baby girl clothes.  Perhaps it comes from lack of experience (two boys, remember?), but I have put it off.  Now that I NEED to go into the baby department, I can't avoid looking.  Target had some baby things on clearance already, and well...the husband and I couldn't resit these two pieces!

Spent the day resting, doing much of nothing.  I think that's allowed occasionally, right??

We walked through a little bit of snow to visit mawmaw and pawpaw for breakfast and spend time with them.  Wouldn't you know, we're back "home" where we're used to getting about five times as much as everyone else, and this time we got nothing, but dad got a few inches at our new house!  Needless to say, I have two little boys that have been disappointed with this situation.  No matter which house we're at, the "other" house gets more, and they aren't liking this one bit!

My husband, who is awesome, is also helping me put up freezer meals while I'm not home.  He has sent me pictures of lasgana roll-ups and this HUGE pot of vegetable beef soup.  He said there was enough to put up three separate meals!

I think he's also in the "nesting" stage even more than I am, because he spent an entire day cleaning house.  He put away all the Christmas decorations, put away all the clean laundry I had stacked up (laundry is my enemy lately) cleaned out all the bedroom closets, stripped the sheets and made the beds, cleaned out our utility room and I couldn't tell you what else.  Things have been non-stop since we moved, so parts of the house were a jumble until he stepped in.

All I can say is that I am so glad to have a husband who is supportive and helpful!  Having him spend an entire day devoted to helping me get the house organized and make things easier on me after the baby is born is so motivating.

The Next Goal
{Aside from having the baby} is to actually implement a "plan" if you will, for homeschooling over the next several weeks.  While I will be full term in just two days, I'm not technically due for 3 weeks, which means we could be away from home that whole time.  Then of course, I have to have a plan for after the baby arrives.  We're still in holiday mode, and my 6 year old is asking why we haven't been doing any school work.  Love his heart!  So I need a plan for him, more than anything.  If I can get it on paper, the husband and I should be able to get it accomplished!

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  1. That soup looks good. ;0) What a blessing to have your husband helping you as you wait for your newest blessing to arrive.

    Thank you for linking up.