Friday, December 14, 2012

Grant: Savior of the Union, by Mitchell Yockelson

Grant:  Savior of the Union
By Mitchell Yockelson
Published by Thomas Nelson

Grant Savior of the Union, is part of "The Generals" series, which attempts to humanize those names in history that are either lost or glorified.  I chose Grant because he is one of the more significant men in the Civil War and US history, yet I knew little about him.  This book, however, gives you insight into how Grant entered the military, information about his life leading up to the war, military life, and obviously his role in the war, as well as other aspects that a budding war enthusiast might find interesting.

I'm not sure how a history buff or Civil War historian would feel about the approach this book takes, but no book can please all, and for someone just interested in a different perspective, this book is a good start.  As someone who doesn't truly love history, it got a little dry for me at times, however I do think it is a good addition to a homeschool library for middle/high school students.  Textbooks can be so boring, and as real book about a real person, also known as a "living book," Grant:  Savior of the Union, can certainly add something fresh to any Civil War study.  I'll be holding on to it until my boys are a little older.

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