Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Deposit Slip {book review}

I admit, I was drawn to this book because it was about a mysterious bank transaction, and I used to work in a bank.  Erin Larson is a young woman who, in the process of going through her estranged father's estate, finds a deposit slip in his safe deposit box.  That tiny piece of paper represented big numbers though, in the amount of ten million dollars.

Knowing nothing about her father having any significant amount of money, she went to the bank to find out more.  They denied it was real, and Erin was forced to hire a lawyer to find out the truth.  Except no lawyer would touch her case, and any one who did quickly dropped it.

She was left with one option.  A young lawyer who left his job at a big firm to go out on his own.  Jared Neaton was struggling, and taking on this case would be a huge risk that could ruin him, but winning could also make his problems disappear.

The author, Todd Johnson, has 30 years of experience as a lawyer, and this is very obvious in his debut novel.  It was very interesting to read a book from a legal perspective, as this is not my typical genre, and of course I liked seeing how the banking side played out in the story.  I did think the ending seemed a little rushed, and there was one plot twist towards the end that I found somewhat unsettling, but that was definitely personal preference.  Overall I enjoyed this book.

Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own, and were not influenced in any way.

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