Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tot Schooling - Unstructured Style

As you may know, we were primarily away from home for a few weeks awaiting the arrival of baby sister, and now that she's here, our school days are very light.  So, here is what Hulk has been up to these last few weeks in lieu of our tot/preschool table time.

Nature Study
We were able to take a few short walks around our old house and on mawmaw and pawpaw's farm.  He was very excited to find a mushroom all by himself.

Learning about snow and ice...

He worked on his hidden picture paint cards (Target's $1 Spot)...

...and of course we had free style painting.

Pattern Blocks
These are always a hit when they come out.  He was particularly interested in the pattern strips (from Confessions of a Homeschooler) before moving on to his own designs.

Daddy has spent a lot of time reading to the boy...real books and e-books.

Dress-Up and Imaginative Play
...because free time is very important in our house!

Loving on his new baby sister.  He calls her "the baby" and rarely uses her name, but the sweet look on his face during every hug shows his love for her!

It's been a quiet few weeks, and I'm sure we'll be taking it slow for a few more weeks, but it's been fun!


  1. Sweet photos and congrats on the new blessing :)

  2. Congratulations on the new baby! You have some great ideas for keeping littles busy.

  3. I love unstructured play and that you are following your son's lead! I have a baby girl too and it can be a handful!!!!