Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Peek at our Bookshelf - Easter

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I've been slacking off with sharing what we are reading,  Well, I've been slacking off on the reading, actually. I know, you're probably thinking What kind of homeschooling mother doesn't read aloud to her kids!? but it is what it is.  It has been so easy to use the excuse that Belle needed to be held when things don't get finished, but that's not really a good excuse for reading.  She prefers to lay against my chest, which leaves my hands relatively free.  So I promised myself we will start reading aloud again, at least once a day.

So in order to make sure Iron Man was interested in what we read, I let him pick our chapter book.  He liked the title of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by Roald Dahl, so we're going to give it a try.  We started the first chapter, and he actually listened while he worked on a puzzle.  The next day he listened while he drew a picture, and then he came and cuddled with me.  I think letting him "do" something mindless like that helps him from feeling restless (which is discouraging when I'm trying to read aloud) so I might try to find a few quiet activities to rotate.  He has also asked me "What happened next at the chocolate factory?" so I take it he is listening and is interested in this one.

I was doing a preschool lapbook with Hulk, who was asking for school work like his big brother, and wouldn't you know, Iron Man wanted to do "something like..." his little brother.  So I found a lapbook from Homeschool Share to go with The Legend of the Easter Egg.  It's timely, and will give me an idea as to how he actually likes lapbooks, as we've never done them before.

Hulk doesn't necessarily have the attention span for our longer books yet, so I pulled out all of our picture books about Easter . . . or books that could be potentially associated with Easter because they have rabbits in them.  So far we've read Home for a Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown and The Night Before Easter by Natasha Wing.


I also plan to read The Complete Adventures of Peter Rabbit.  Beatrix Potter stories are recommended for AO Year 0, but I don't think we've even read all four of the stories in this book.  I also set out The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams, which is an AO Year 1 free read, but we've listened to it several times as an audio book, so I'm fine if we don't get to it in the next couple of weeks.


So that's my plan for the next two weeks.  I have a tendency to make a lot of plans and not really follow through, but reading aloud is the easiest of those plans to stick to, so please . . . hold me accountable!

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  1. ahhh...reading aloud...I'm a homeschooling mom as well and I only read aloud at night before bed and I thought at one time that something was wrong with me...and maybe there is but oh well, we have great fun reading at night. Sometimes chapter books sometimes picture books sometimes Bible stories. Its all in a days work. lol

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone! I've realized when I read a chapter book my oldest son REALLY likes, he won't let me slack off...he is right there asking for more. So I guess I do have someone to hold me accountable!