Friday, March 29, 2013

Five Fact Friday

This post is part of "5 on Friday" a link-up at The Pebble Pond, so check out the fun!

1.  We have not even started our bird study yet, but Elliott has been drawing birds all week.  I pulled out a "How to Draw . . . " type book, and he went right for it.  He started with this robin since we're seeing a lot of those right now, and he added the picture to his nature journal.  Then he draw a parrot, and is now working on a woodpecker.  I believe we will have fun with our bird studies!

2.  I need a haircut.   Eleanor is almost 9 weeks old now, and I know I haven't had one since before she was born.  It's so hard to make mom-time, especially when you have a nursing infant who has convinced her dad that she doesn't like being held against his chest as much as mom's.  ;-)

3.  Speaking of Eleanor, she hates the car.  We are never in the car for more than ten minutes before she starts fussing, and it doesn't take long to escalate into a full blown scream.  I was spoiled by the boys, who would sleep for hours in the car, and quite honestly, at this point I am dreading our vacation.

4.  I have a whole stack of books, waiting to be read.  I love to read, but never seem to find the time for my own reading anymore.  We'll be in the car tomorrow for at least an hour one way, so I plan to take a book with me.  Not that I anticipate it being quite enough to concentrate with Eleanor's disdain for travel.

5.  I want to go to Wendy's, but not for the food.  We stopped the other night (husband wanted chili) and the boys got these neat little connector things.  The paper faces went into the trash, but these little things have been so much fun for Emory.  He has been building "bridges" and "transformer bad guys" and has not let them out of his sight.  As silly as it sounds saying I want to ask if I can buy a kid's meal toy separately, I actually wouldn't mind having another couple of packs of these.  In my head, I'm thinking that they are way less annoying than Lego bricks.  They are very easy for him to manipulate without any help at all, they stay connected very well . . . and they would fit neatly into a large zip-top bag, which would make for a nice Activity Bag for tot school or a car ride.

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  1. Those Burger King toys look like a ton of fun--I generally avoid Burger King because of the fast food, but I wouldn't mind getting a couple sets of those too!

  2. I made a reading for myself a priorty/goal for 2013. Not doing as well as I would like but I am reading at least a little bit everyday. Of course I don't have a new baby to distract me though LOL. Those connect toys from Wendy's look fabulous! I would be tempted to go back to Wendy's and get more!

  3. In the same boat with the reading thing.!

  4. We went to Wendys a few weeks ago and got a few sets of those. The kids loved them!

    Thanks for linking up. I so excited about all the participants. :)