Monday, April 1, 2013

C is for Curriculum

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This year will be our first official {notify the state} year of homeschooling for the oldest, so I am trying to get my ideas on paper.  I don't have a lot of record keeping requirements, but of course I want things to go smoothly.  So I think I have a tentative plan for the school year.  I'll be adding, possibly removing, and altering things as I make my final choices or we change gears.

Also, as part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I am blessed with new products to try out and review, and I may be adding/replacing/supplementing based on what comes our way.

Elliott ~ First Grade
I shared in A is for Ambleside Online how we will be using Year 1 as our core.  You can see the full AO Year 1 Booklist on their website, but here's a general overview of what we will be covering.

Bible - Readings and coloring pages to supplement; Sunday School, AWANA, Jr. Church
History - early history, primarily focusing on people rather than events
Geography - Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean {and US states at his request, so this fits together nicely}
Nature Study - any topics that present themselves naturally, with the following focus
     summer:         Ocean/Beach theme (to prepare for our beach trip)
     summer/fall:    Tress/shrubs/vines (Dendrology)
     winter:            Stars/sky (Astronomy)
     spring:            Amphibians (Herpetology)
Nature Study Supplement:  Handbook of Nature Study Blog
Science - Ornithology
Supplementing with resources from B is for Birds
Literature - Aesop, Shakespeare, Fairy Tales and more
Poetry - a variety of poetry pleasing to children

Math U See - we reviewed Alpha at the end of K, but with a new baby and all that entails, I deferred the rest of it to 1st grade.

Life of Fred- We started this in K but I completely shelved it when I got severe morning sickness, so we're starting fresh.

Life of Fred Elementary Set

Primary Arts of Language:  Reading picking up where we left off after baby sister was born

All About Spelling Level 1 {This came with PAL Writing, and is a maybe item}

Ambleside Online Copywork Project {unofficial resource}
Handwriting Worksheets

Foreign Language - Spanish
Salsa by Georgia Public Broadcasting
Other immersion resources as I find them

Artist Study - undetermined
Free KidsArt class at museum (we are thinking of going once a month)
ARTistic Pursuits Early Elementary Book 1 {This was another review item that we loved, but I chose to defer until our schedule settled down}

I am not sure if I will do a traditional composer study in Charlotte Mason style, at least not in the beginning.  For now, we use the free Pandora app to listen to classical music in the background and I work in other forms of music appreciation as I can.
Music Together - he may do this with his younger brother if he chooses
Classics for Kids (when we start composer study)
Children's Vinyl Record Series (for fun during lunch or quiet time)
Childrens Classics

Introductory woodwork & Home Depot's Kids Workshops
Soap Carving: For Children of All Ages

Physical Education
Family Time Fitness {another great review product}

Fitness 4 Homeschool - Physical Education Curriculum

Latin, Five in a Row, Gym and Art

This is our tentative daily schedule for our school subjects, which could change.

Emory ~ Pre-K

I use Ambleside Online Year 0 as a guide, and in keeping with Charlotte Mason we do not do any formal lessons.  He is not required to "do school" but  he often joins Elliott for several activities.

Ergemeier's Bible and coloring pages to supplement

He will probably listen in on Elliott's, but our Family School poetry will likely be from his book.
The Real Mother Goose

Nature Study
Trees, Stars/Sky and Amphibians with Elliott

Simple activities and games, if he asks for school with us

I Spy Art series by Lucy Mickletwait
Free KidsArt Class at museum
He may do Artistic Pursuits with Elliott if he chooses


Music -He really enjoyed Music Together when we reviewed it, so I will pull it out a few times a month for him.  He will also listen to the other sources listed with Elliott's curriculum.

Home Depot Kids Club

Salsa Spanish and other resources as I find them

a variety of quality picture books

Physical Fitness
Family Time Fitness and regular outdoor time

Latin, Art, Gym and Five in a Row

Most of these are just ideas to help him feel included with our school day, when he asks.  Preparing a Curriculum-Free Preschool offers a bit more about how I set goals and "plan" hands-on and play-based activities for him.

What curriculum do you use?  Do you have a curriculum post you want to share with me?  I am always looking for ideas to steal inspire me.

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  1. Looks like you have a great year planned. Ambleside has some great literature listed for each year/grade -- I tend to plan our reading lists eclectically from a lot of sources, but the Ambleside lists are ones I always check. Visiting today from the "Blogging through the Alphabet" linky! :-)

  2. I love the Ambleside stuff--just have been a bit too intimidated to use it myself yet. Looks like a really fun year with your littles! Thank you for linking up with me!

    1. I think the Ambleside website scared me at first because it's a bit primitive and there's just SO MUCH information on there, but I'm finally excited to start!

  3. What a busy school year you have ahead of you!

  4. We use several of your selections as well. LOVE LOVE LOVE All About Spelling. We also use Math U See and Life of Fred. The soap carving looks interesting. I think my kids would love that!

    1. You know, I chose soap carving because it seemed like an easier version of wood carving, and I figured even if we failed miserably, the materials won't completely go to waste! Haha!