Tuesday, April 16, 2013

E is for Eleanor (the name)

The last time I participated in Blogging Through the Alphabet, I did E is for Elliott and Emory (the names, not the boys) as my post.  This time I think it's only fitting to include Miss Eleanor.

Origin of Eleanor: English variation of French Provencal Alienor, meaning unknown

How did we choose Eleanor?
When we found out I was pregnant, my husband had several boy names he liked.  We were a little surprised (but delighted) to find out we were having a girl this time.  He immediately had his choice for a girl name.  I was on the fence, and we debated back and forth until just a few days before my due date.  He suddenly said he liked Eleanor, and we were in agreement.  There are very obvious nicknames for Eleanor, but at this point we do not use any of them, although I did have a great-grandmother Ellie.  We like Eleanor because it's "old-fashioned" without being stuffy.  We get a lot of compliments on it from older generations.  Eleanor's middle name is also my sister's middle name, as well as my grandmother's name, and is also on my husband's side as well.

So with that...I can't believe my little girl is almost three months old!

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  1. I have a daughter named Eleanor as well. We like that it is classical without being stuffy, and not common without being weird.

    1. Yes, we tried to find names for each of our kids that were not popular/mainstream without being eccentric either.

  2. Eleanor was part of my girl name - alas - I have 3 boys! :) from ABC blogging