Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday's Facts

It's time for Random 5 on Friday!

  1. I'm going to sign the boys up for Kids Bowl Free this year.  {Thanks to Kelli for reminding me about it}  I don't think we've been bowling since Elliott was 2 years old--right before I found out we were expecting Emory.  So yeah, it's time to take the boys.  
  2. I joked last week that I wanted to go back to Wendy's just for the little linking toys that Emory was having so much fun with.  Well, Husband wanted their chili again, and he got the kids a meal, so we have two new sets of them.  I'm packing them all up in a Ziploc bag for the next road trip!
  3. I also talked about Eleanor's aversion to the car.  The next day she ended up spending a grand total of six hours in the car without crying.  Well, there was her "hungry" cry, but that's all.  She also made our regular Sunday and Wednesday drives with NO tears.  We're flabbergasted, but excited and hope it's not a fluke.
  4. Instead she cries every time daddy is near her.  He's a little sad.  We do hope she outgrows this phase soon.
  5. Emory is still obsessed fascinated with Eleanor.  He adores her to pieces.  I spend most of my energy trying to keep him from smooshing her with his kisses.

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  1. Ahhh....poor daddy! I'm sure she will outgrow it.

    Thanks for linking up! :)

    1. Yes, he's working hard on making her smile! :)

    2. I bet he is!

      When Taylor was a baby she used to cry whenever my husband wore a hat. Any hat! It was so funny. Although he used to tease her on purpose and then show other people. This wasn't a little cry. This was a full out bawl. It was kind of funny though because as soon as he took it off she instantly stopped crying and laughed. lol!

  2. What a precious picture of your two little ones!

  3. My second daughter had that some issue. She hated the car and would actually vomit when she rode in it more because she didn't like being strapped in. She also was afraid of all men and would cry and cry. It passes. Just another phase to chalk up. Thanks for visiting my BlogSpot. :)


    1. Yes, we noticed she cries with other men too (husband, his twin, his dad...) and we can't wait until it passes!