Thursday, April 25, 2013

From Ruined to Like New

High winds are supposed to blow lawn furniture around, tip trampolines and maybe snap a few small tree limbs.  The derecho that ripped through last summer removed every apple from the apple trees, flattened my in-laws vegetable garden, and ripped up the anchored trampoline--carrying it from one end of the farm, through those apple trees and across a cow pasture before bending a tree as it forced it into the woods.

A couple months ago, we had some very strong winds come through.  Nothing like last summer, but it was loud and messy.  From one end of the house, I heard a large snap, and sure enough I found the equivalent of a small tree lying in the yard.

I didn't think too much of it, but then when I went to check the mail later, I was shocked to find this...

The swing set survived the devastating winds of the derecho, but I thought it was gone for sure that afternoon.  The section with the slide, which originally faced the other way, separated and was carried across the yard.

I went to get a closer look and realized that it snapped the stakes at ground level.  Supporting beams and several smaller pieces were splintered and broken, presumably as it bounced across the yard.

Husband moved it to the corner of the yard, and it sat there for weeks.  Then he finally got around to looking into repairing the beast.  He dug around the manufacturer's website and noted every single piece that needed to be replaced before placing a call.  The lady was super helpful, and it turned out it would be fairly inexpensive - even with shipping - to order straight from the company.

The boys were super excited when the box arrived.  I was not.  It was the driver that is scared of our dog, so I had to meet him in the driveway and figure out how to carry a fairly heavy box, that was longer than I am tall, into the house.  If I had been smart about it, I would have left it in the driveway for Husband.

Once Husband got home from work, they got to work.  The boys had recently received Lowe's tool kits (we're adding woodworking as a Handicraft), so it was even more exciting to dig those out and put them to use.

I already shared Emory's version of helping.

He made a barn door.  Or so he said.

At this point Husband realized a very important piece was missing, so they repaired as much as they could that night.  He called back the next day, and it was apparently never ordered.  That piece alone would have cost $50 plus s/h (which was almost as much as the entire previous order), but she processed it for FREE!  Don't you love when things work out that way!?

So once the last piece came in, Husband, with Elliott's help, was able to repair the entire thing and stain it.  Only one is clean in this picture, but the green tarps were washed, and they look brand new.

The boys couldn't wait to get back to their adventures.  We've also added one of those swing set telescopes, and they want a steering wheel to turn it into a ship!

All of the scrap pieces that are scattered behind the swing set are being saved for woodworking experimentation.  I googled "scrap wood projects for kids" and found these wooden block characters (snowmen would be cute too).  I also thought a scrap wood sign with Eleanor's name for what will be a Raggedy Ann room would be cute.

So that's what my boys have been up to, and what I plan to have them do!

What have your kids been working on lately?

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  1. Trials become blessings. Looks like they will have lots of fun!