Monday, April 29, 2013

G is for Great Finds - Furniture Revamp!

I don't know about you, but I love a great bargain.

This weekend the family was heading out to the store.  No sooner than we turned off our road we passed a yard that had a FREE sign next to a full patio set.  Just sitting there.  Calling my name.  It had to have just been put out, because it was in great condition, and stuff like that would go fast.  We had just talked about how we'd like some outdoor furniture for the breezeway.  Husband and I talked quickly, and he turned around, knowing it wouldn't be there when we came back through.

The pieces were in good condition other than some faded paint, and the cushions looked new. I did ring their doorbell to ask if we could make two trips, but nobody answered.  We could only fit two pieces in our vehicle, so we went home and unloaded everybody so we could lay the seats down for the other pieces.  Husband didn't tell me this until later in the day, but apparently when he returned, someone was already there loading up the other two pieces.  It took some negotiating, but he managed to get the full set.


All we had to do was clean it up a bit and put some fresh paint on it.  So for a few dollars, we have a Like New patio set that would have cost a couple hundred dollars if purchased new.  If I was buying new, I probably wouldn't have picked this set...but I can't complain because it's such a GREAT deal!


Up Next

I don't know when we'll get to it, but also on our to-do list is to redo this vintage student desk.  It was also a Great Find from the flea market.  Elliott loves it, and wants to use it for school.

I'm not a Do-It-Yourself kind of gal, but Husband is pretty good at following my Honey-Do list.  I wonder what else I can come up with for him to do?  ;-)

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  1. I love that set Brittney!!! It's pretty ;) Can't wait to see your desk project ;)

  2. We love DIY projects and revamps! Looks nice!