Monday, April 15, 2013

Rudy: My Story {book review}

Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger
with Mark Dagostino

If you have not seen the movie Rudy, I will venture to guess that you are at least familiar with it. A lousy student and mediocre athlete who not only gets into Notre Dame, but makes the football team as well? When I had the opportunity to review this book, I was definitely intrigued.

This book is not just any old sports book. Yes, there is sports talk. However, Rudy also talks about jobs, friends, school and the military, and how they influenced him over the years. He shares all those trials in life where he felt utterly defeated, as well as the moments where his spirit was lifted and he knew there was hope. The book takes on a very conversational tone, making it a personable experience as Rudy shares his heart with you. It's as if he considers each and every reader a close friend of his. He lets you in on the lessons he has learned about building relationships with others, overcoming obstacles, and the importance of having dreams.

I found this book to be inspiring and motivating. If you have already seen the movie, I still think the book is worth the read. Not just because he shares the process of having the movie made, but also because you get to know a person a lot more through their thoughts than a Hollywood production. If you have not seen the movie, do yourself a favor and read the book first.

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