Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bucket List: Summer 2013

  1. Go to the movies
  2. Start a gardening project
  3. Make homemade sidewalk paint
  4. Go to a museum
  5. Play miniature golf
  6. Go bowling
  7. Go swimming
  8. Visit a "new" park
  9. Go to the birding trails
  10. Fly a kite
  11. Go to the water park
  12. Have a water balloon and/or water gun fight
  13. Go to LegoLand
  14. Go on a picnic
  15. Try a new cookie recipe
  16. Have an all-day movie marathon
  17. Make homemade rock candy
  18. Have a Wii Sports family challenge
  19. Go to a local fair or festival
  20. Turn swing set into a "pirate ship"
  21. Build a blanket fort
  22. Visit a pick-your-own farm
  23. Vacation Bible School
  24. Catch fireflies
  25. Go on a scavenger hunt
  26. Have family portraits made
  27. Visit a wildlife refuge/rehabilitation center
  28. Read from the Ambleside Online Year 1 free reads
  29. Do science experiments
  30. Play with a cardboard box
  31. Feed the ducks
  32. Send a creation into Lego Club Jr. magazine
  33. Paint with colored ice cubes
  34. Nature inspired art
  35. Make homemade bird feeders
  36. Gather shells on the beach
  37. Go stargazing
  38. Eat ice cream from homemade cookie bowls
  39. Ride a ferry
  40. make homemade popsicles

I saw this 2013 Summer Bucket List Challenge and thought I'd go ahead and create my own list.  Some of these are things that Husband and I want to do with the kids, some are things the boys are asking to do this summer.  There was no special order to the list...the goal is just to have intentional fun and make memories.

What's on your list?

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