Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday's Five Random Facts ~ May 3rd, 2013

(1)  I signed up for the Teacher Rewards card at Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts.  Not that I'm a crafter or anything, but we do go into craft stores occasionally for random things, and a discount is a discount, right?

(2)  The boys recently got hamsters.  Emory picked out the first hamster.  It is the gray one, and he named it Black Knight.   Elliott's was named Elephant for about a day, before he settled on Fuzz Ball.  Gotta love it!  It makes for a different type of science lesson, that's for sure.  We've discussed rodents, their diet and nocturnal animals, among other things.  Now Elliott is asking for a reptile.  Not yet, son.

(3)  We recently visited my husband's brother, his wife and kids.  Their youngest is 5, so right in between our boys.  They all get along SO VERY WELL and it's always so fun to watch them play together.  They don't fight, and it is always an adventure!  The boys are already asking when they get to see their cousin again.

(4) We're moving again.  My lazy side is balking and screaming NOOOO at the thought of moving again.  My practical side is saying it's not a terrible idea.  The move this past September was because of Husband's job.  This time it's for convenience.  When we first moved, we were in a hurry, and we ended up downsizing.  We love the general area, the neighbors and the outdoor space, but we are feeling claustrophobic.  So we "lucked" into an available house not too far from here that is much more spacious.  It's going to be strange going from country to city and losing so much yard, but the house is what we need, there's a park within walking distance, and I will have a school room.  I'm finding the postives!

(5)  Eleanor is already beating her brothers up.  The boys like to take Eleanor's fists and have her "punch" their noses, and she just giggles and giggles.  It could be that she's tired of Emory giving her slobbery kisses, so she's ready to fight back!

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  1. I love the Teacher Discount cards! There are a bunch of places that do that! Here's a blog post that tells more:

    1. Thank you! I'll have to see which stores we have in our area that offer educator discounts!

  2. Love the hamsters! My boys would fit right in there with the super heroes theme!