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Christianity Cove {Schoolhouse Review}

I've mentioned before that the Schoolhouse Review Crew has opened up many opportunities to try new products and curriculum that I might not otherwise choose. Christianity Cove is a website dedicated to Sunday School lessons, ideas, crafts, games, activities and tips, and offers over 700 free lesson articles!  Recently they offered the Schoolhouse Review Crew several digital products to review, and I personally had the opportunity to try two of them.

Bible Science Experiments - 25 science experiments that show the nature of God.  ($25.00)

The experiments are grouped into five different topics--Light, Color, Motion, Magnetism and Gravity.  Each experiment has a list of materials and instructions, and there's also scripture references and explanations to get you started.

I have a 6 year old science-lover, so this seemed like an obvious choice for me.  I appreciated that the materials required were just basic household items such as pennies, straws, crayons, paperclips, and rubber bands, for example.  These experiments were easy to implement with little-to-no effort, and they were fun!

While you could probably find similar activities online, having them all in one file saves you the time of searching and organizing.  You could use them to supplement your Bible studies, but you would have to go through the experiments individually and pick them out, as the table of contents is organized by scientific topic.  However, that makes them ideal for using along with your science studies.  They're really flexible and you can do them in any order, while still discussing Biblical principles.

As far as using them in groups--they are very short demonstrations and probably would not fill the the full length of a typical children's church or Sunday School class, but would make great object lessons or supplements to the class lesson.

The simplicity of the activities and the easy clean-up makes them ideal for home or classroom use.  I would recommend them for elementary homeschoolers, church classes or faith-based science co-ops.

Daily Dilemmas  - 26 True to Life Devotions for Kids ($29.00)

This program is designed to reach out to your children about moral/ethical dilemmas they might face with friends, classmates or acquaintances, with a Biblical foundation.

Some of the topics covered are bullying, cheating, stealing, gossiping, friendships, boasting, jealousy, and revenge, just to name a few.  These are hard situations for children to understand, so it's important that parents are available to discuss them before they arise so children know how to respond.  There's an index of topics covered, so it's easy to pull out any dilemma if your child is faced with a particular problem.

Each "Daily Dilemma" is a narrative of a real problem that could happen to just about any kid.  Then it also includes related scripture and a few possible scenarios for your child to choose from to resolve the problem.  There's a separate section for the teacher, titled Reflections, that allows you to offer discussion opportunities and allude to the most appropriate response.

Sometimes the choices were a bit ambiguous (some children might choose the "obvious easy answer" rather than the author's choice) and the language was not always language I would choose for my family, but that can be altered, or open up new discussions.

These are great for individual or group use, and are appropriate for elementary and middle school children who need guidance with dealing with awkward social situations.

Final Opinion
The author used various Bible translations for Daily Dilemmas based on how "plain" the language in the scripture reference was.  It was unclear to me which version(s) was used for Bible Science Experiments.  Families that have a strong preference for which translation they use will need to supplement on their own.

These are good products, and if you are looking for something simple and effective, already organized and you are placing emphasis on time vs. cost, these will definitely work for you!

The Schoolhouse Review Crew has reviewed many other great products by Christianity Cove, so check them out!

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