Monday, June 3, 2013

L is for Legoland!

We're HOME!

I know it's been quiet around here lately, and I know I skipped J and K for the blogging through the alphabet series, but it is what it is.  Preparing for a road trip and vacation with three little people is time consuming, and then there was the trip itself!  We took our annual trip to Georgia to visit my family, and we tried to do a couple of field trips with the boys too.  The week of L came at the perfect time!  One of our summer bucket list requests from Elliott was to visit Legoland again!

Last year when we visited Legoland Discovery Center of Atlanta, we had a good time, but it was crowded and noisy with lots of little kids, and we felt rushed because Emory was irritable.  This year, not only did we spend less on tickets by waiting for a good sale price online, it turned out there were no school trips while we were there, so we felt like we got our money's worth!  It was not nearly as crowded, so we didn't have to wait in line for anything and we were able to enjoy each area at our own pace.

We had to stop and take pictures with all  of the life-size creations!

I'm originally from Georgia, so I really loved the Miniland!  It's fun to see famous buildings and attractions built with such amazing detail!  The boys liked looking for things like moving vehicles and construction sites.

Just a small portion of miniature Atlanta!

 Turner Field, home of the Braves!

Of course, they preferred the rides, 4-D Theater, the play area, and all of the hands-on activities.  They really enjoyed the area where you could build and race cars, but they also LOVED the Earthquake Tables!  The objective is to see how high you can build your creation without it falling over when you turn the table on.  It's a great challenge for little minds!

Oh, we can't forget Miss Eleanor.  She spent the first half of the trip snoozing, and the second half people watching.  Here she is striking a pose for the camera!

We had a great time, and Elliott is already asking to go back next year!  He doesn't realize there's also Legoland theme parks, or I'm sure he would be begging to go there too!

Have you been to any of the Legoland Discovery Centers or theme parks?

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