Thursday, July 18, 2013

Picaboo Yearbooks {Schoolhouse Review}

One thing I always looked forward to every year in school was the yearbook . . .pictures of friends, field trips and class plays.  Now that my kids are homeschooled, I want them to have that same anticipation, and be able to reminisce through their yearbooks too.  So you can believe I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review Picaboo Yearbooks and create a yearbook of our first year!

Picaboo Yearbooks offers high-quality yearbooks to schools and homeschoolers, and I was recently given the opportunity to review their 20 page softcover yearbook, which is only $8.49!

Picaboo makes creating a yearbook a fun and personal experience!

The Process
The process of designing the yearbook is not hard at all.  There is a bit of a learning curve, as with any software program (this program is completely online, by the way, no downloading required) but there are tutorial videos if you need them.

 Basically, you create/log-in to your account, input some registration information for your book, and you can start.

One of the first things you can do is divide your yearbook up into sections.  As you upload pictures, you can move them to different sections, which makes finding them much easier than if you only had one section and hundreds of pictures to go through.

You can upload pictures from your computer, import from online photo albums or your Facebook account, or add an authorized user who can also add their own photos.  I can see the ability for multiple users to add photos being great for co-ops or other groups.  I did find that I could only upload a few pictures at a time or it would crash, but thankfully the site automatically saves very frequently, so I never lost any work.

This is when I was just getting started and experimenting with the program.  You can rearrange the order of the sections, rename them or click on the title to edit the individual pages.  The title of the section does not have to be the title of your pages, either, I just used them for reference.

Designing each page is fun, but time consuming.  That is because there are just so many possibilities for each page!  You can start with a blank canvas, or you can choose from numerous page layouts to get you started.

There are more backgrounds than you could ever look at--solids, stripes, textures, polka dots, and pirate ships.  You can even use your own pictures as a background.  I did this for one of our nature study pages!  There are a nice variety of fonts, and you can add fun stickers and embellishments too.

There is just so much you can do to make each page creative and unique, that I constantly found myself editing as I discovered something new.

The ordering process was easy.  The program requires you to proof your pages and gives you a list of things to check (Is everything spelled correctly?  Are your pictures oriented the way you want them? etc.)  Then you lock your pages and you are ready to order.  You can choose from hardback or soft cover, matte or gloss finish and the number of copies to order.

You can also create a store, where you can manage prices and ordering options.  There is no minimum order and turnaround is only three weeks, which I think is fantastic!

Shipping prices start at $8.99 for the 8.5x11 book I received, but reduce with additional purchases, and those who have larger orders can call for shipping quotes.  

Final Thoughts

As part of the review, I was given the soft cover, and while it's fine for just 20 pages, if I order again in the future, I would choose the hardback just for durability, and would definitely choose the hardback for larger books.

This program is very comprehensive because of it's specific purpose.  There are many options for personalizing the book to make it unique to each family or group's needs.  Since this is a yearbook, there are a lot of features designed for large groups that a single family might not utilize, but I can still see it being beneficial to more than just your average school.  Extended families who want to do a scrapbook could work on the project together from across the country with multiple contributors.  I can also see the Yearbook option working well for homeschool co-ops, clubs, sports leagues or other groups.  There really are a lot of possibilities for this program!

We loved our finished product!  It looks exactly like the preview and better.  The paper is nice quality, the pictures are clear, and it's so fun to look at!  The completely free eYearbook is a nice bonus!

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  1. This looks great! We scrapbook a lot of our pictures, but I love the idea of just having a school album for each year for the kids. What a fun way to save precious memories! Your pages looks fantastic!

  2. Sold me. I just started one. Thanks.

    1. Awesome! I hope you enjoy yours as much as we do! My kids still love to page through ours! :)