Friday, July 26, 2013

Random Five on Friday: 6 Months

This one is all about my sweet Eleanor, who is already six months old!

1.  She doesn't sleep through the night yet, but she is finally getting into a predictable daytime routine.  She nurses almost exclusively, but she's already taken a liking to homemade baby food.  She's quite high-strung like Emory was, and my mommy brain is going into overload at the thought of having two with his personality.

2.  She lost all that sweet baby hair, but she still has her daddy's beautiful blue eyes!  Chances are high that they could still turn brown, but if not she and daddy will be the only blue-eyed family members.  The boys and I have brown eyes.  Daddy wanted her to have brown eyes too, but having such dark eyes my whole life, I'm okay with a little blue sparkle!

3.  She has a lot of stranger anxiety already.  She doesn't mind watching other people, but she puckers if they get close and try to talk directly to her, and she absolutely will not let anyone hold her.  

4.  She adores her big brothers.  Emory still aggravates her at times by being too loving, but she really does love watching them play.  She particularly likes when Elliott plays peek-a-boo type games with her.  

5.  She was the biggest of the three at 8 lbs, 5 oz.  Recently she weighed in at 12 lbs, 8 oz (8th percentile) and 24 inches (10th percentile) at about 5 1/2 months.  That puts her at the smallest of the three at this age.  Emory was 14 lbs, 6 oz at six months old, and Elliott was 15 lbs and in the 10th percentile.  We represent the little people!  That doesn't mean random strangers should tell me by baby is too small for her age.  She is not off the charts, she is well proportioned, and she's healthy.  So back off.

Just for Fun

Elliott ~ 6 months old
He was the "good" baby that slept anytime, anywhere, and started sleeping through the night early.  He also didn't lose any hair.  His eyes were about half brown by this point.

Emory ~ 6 months
He had the least amount of hair by far at birth, and lost some hair on the sides, but he had more by 6 months than she does currently.  Of course, he's blessed with some crazy cowlicks too.  His eyes had already turned brown by 6 months.

Eleanor ~ 6 months

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  1. Eleanor is absolutely beautiful - those pudgy cheeks and legs. Love that. :)

    Re. your blog comments --Keep trying on those tortillas! :) It gets better over time, plus the kids have so much fun. And now with my older kids I'm really reaping the benefits of all the years I've had little ones in the kitchen. My 13yo and 9yo daughters can whip up a meal, or a batch of bread or cookies, and I love it. :)

  2. Oh and I just saw you were at the Aquarium in Pigeon Forge!!! We're going to be there next month - bookmarked your post so I can read it again before we go. (I got tickets for reviewing it too!) :)

    1. Yes, to be so "petite" her pudgy legs amuse me! The Aquarium was fun, I look forward to your review. Thanks for stopping in.

  3. She's adorable!! Love the blue eyes... my hubby is the only one with blue eyes and so hoping for a blue eyed baby-- so far 0/3! Ha!

    1. Hehe good luck with that! Hers could still turn brown, but I'm hoping they stay blue!

  4. Oh, my! She is adorable!!!!

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