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Fine Arts for the Preschooler

Next up in the 5 Days of Charlotte Mason Preschool series is Fine Arts!

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Composer Study was one of the ways Charlotte Mason surrounded her students with beautiful things.  Choosing one composer per term, you would study 6 pieces to learn their style.  I admit, composer studies is one area where I am not purely Charlotte Mason during the preschool years.  I really just try to develop an interest in all music at this age.

This is easy to do because I can turn music on in the background while the kids play, while we eat, or in the car.  You can stream from your favorite streaming platform, and just change the channel throughout the day, so they cultivate an appreciation for different genres.

 I also play CDs in the car with children's folk songs or of musical stories like Peter and the Wolf or Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel.  My preschoolers have all loved simple rhythm instruments as well.

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Just allow your child many opportunities to listen to good music, sing, dance and create music at their own leisure.

Art Appreciation
Picture Study is done in a similar fashion as Composer Studies, by focusing on three artists a year.  There are many artists that are appropriate for beginners, but I personally did not do picture study with my oldest kids.  My younger children have tagged along with their big siblings on occasion.  Instead, I focus on general art appreciation at this age.

Some fun books for exposing children to art are the Lucy Micklethwait's I Spy . . . Art series.


10 Artists Charlotte Mason Would Want Your Kids to Know has some great suggestions for artists from various time periods and countries for when you're ready to transition to more formal picture studies.

Some children may enjoy coloring their own famous artwork, but don't make this into busy work!
Art Coloring Pages
Color Me Masterpieces

Artistic Expression
As far as allowing children to create art, this is also very important!  Art allows children to experiment, imagine and create on their own terms.  There should be no right or wrong way to paint or sculpt or draw what is in their mind.  Just allowing your preschooler time with various art materials will get their creativity flowing!

As I mentioned in Introducing Handicrafts to your Preschool, I do crafts sparingly, but I consider many types of art to overlap with Handicrafts, so if you are looking for more ideas, be sure to check out the article.

I start with inexpensive supplies for my kids when they are really young, then slowly increase the quality as they get a bit older and more mature.  Some basic art supplies that my preschool-aged kids enjoy are watercolor crayons, colored pencils, modeling clay, chalk pastels and any type of paint.

These are fun ways to engage children in art, but really it is just about the process.  Introduce new materials and tools, and just let your children experiments and enjoy the experience.

While it is not necessary to offer a "project" for every art experience, I understand some children do crave a bit more direction.  Look for projects that are open-ended and allow the child to make it personal and unique.
Deep Space Sparkle
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Hodgepodge Pastel Tutorials {some older preschoolers may enjoy these}
Art, Handicrafts and More Pinterest Board may offer you more ideas!

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