Thursday, September 19, 2013

An Interview with the 1st Grader

When I was doing the Birthday Interview with the 4 Year Old, Elliott insisted I do one with him.  Since his birthday is still a few months away, I suppose this was more of a "back-to-school interview" type interview for him.  I'm finally getting it posted!

How old are you?  6

What's your favorite color?  red

What is your favorite food?  apples and bananas {this boy can put away some apples}

What's your least favorite food?  Onions

What do you like to play?  Lego

What's your favorite movie?  All the Disney movies {he's eyeing Disney World right now}

What's your favorite book?  Blueberries for Sal

What do you want to be when you grow up?  A Firefighter {??}

What's your favorite holiday?  Christmas

What's your favorite subject?  Math.  I like the blocks.

You didn't ask me what my favorite season is!

What's your favorite season?  Summer!

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  1. Ah fun! I think these type of interviews will be so fun to look back on someday! LEGOs are a staple at our house too.